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  1. Hi Jim Thanks for that. It is between TCH accounts but I might have upset them by accidently breaking the AUP, that's why I've got another account now. I'll submit a ticket and see what happens. Thanks Tim
  2. Hi I need to move my coppermine SQL database from one hosting account to another one. The thing is, I have no idea what I need to do. Can anybody give me a few pointers? Thanks Tim
  3. Whoa, thanks everyone! Like I said before... But as yet nobody can help me?
  4. Hi I've got a small form at http://giveitrizz.com/vidtodvd.htm which sends the form information to an email address (dvd@giveitrizz.com) which in turn responds using the auto responder I've created in cpanel. So, on my form I've got the name and email address. How can I set it so that the autoresponded email has "Hi NAME" at the top? I've tried inserting %from% but it just comes up with the email address. If it can be done I'm assuming it is something to do with the textbox name in the form? Thanks for anyone's help on this. Tim
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