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  1. So I never did get the guy in San Diego to see the site - actually, he went to Las Vegas and was able to see it on the hotel's computer... ..and now I've got another lady in Boulder CO who cannot see any of my (29) TCH hosted sites... I'm working with her to find out her ISP connection, but as Obi-Wan says.... "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
  2. MelH

    Path To Pear?

    I opened a support ticket, and they told me: The path to pear is /usr/local/bin/pear My script is no longer complaining about the path, but it can't find either of the database files I'm looking for: DB.php and MDB2.php. My script looks like this: >//require the PEAR::DB classes. // path to PEAR ini_set('include_path', "/usr/local/bin/pear". ini_get("include_path")); require_once('MDB2.php'); and the server tells me: >Warning: main(MDB2.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/myaccount/db_connect.php on line 6 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'MDB2.php' (include_path='/usr/local/bin/pear.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/myaccount/db_connect.php on line 6 (same thing happens when I try to use require_once('DB.php'); line 6 is: >require_once('MDB2.php'); So I"m getting to the right place now, I'm just not finding the required files.. anyone have any suggestions? ~peace~ Mel
  3. I've never messed with the PEAR libraries before, but now I'm working on a script that uses them... First line is: >//require the PEAR::DB classes. require_once 'DB.php'; ...of course, the path to DB.php (if it exists) is wrong. Is PEAR automatically included in the hosting packages (I'm on a reseller account)? If so, what is the path? If not, I guess I have to install it on each user account I want to use it on? thanks! Mel
  4. MelH

    Web Crawler

    I found the crawler portion of http://www.cs.ioc.ee/~ando/sphider/ to do exactly what I wanted. Very very interesting...... Mel
  5. MelH

    Web Crawler

    hello all! I run MySoccerLinks.com It's a soccer specific directory. I'm adding websites manually, as well as encouraging soccer websites to submit themselves. I'm looking for a crawler to add websites to a 'pending' sql database, so then I can review, modify and categorize, and approve for inclusion. I want to be able to set the starting URL, and then allow the crawler to do it's thing. I'm not looking for millions of URLs, not looking to be the next DMOZ - I'm just looking for an easier way to add websites without a lot of the finding, cutting, and pasting that I'm doing now. Anyone have any suggestions? Mel
  6. Steve! They sell US Jerseys @ ANY online soccer store (soccer.com, USSoccerStore.com, OnionBag.com, etc.) I'm assuming here that you are an American citizen, and a vet to boot.... Why in the world would you support a foreign countries soccer team over your own??? I was born in Holland (Amersfoort), and I dearly love L'Oranje, but when the Yanks are playing, you gotta wear the RedWhiteandBlue!!!! Been to two World Cup Qualifiers: in Birmingham vs Guatamala, and in Columbus vs El Tri when we clinched - absolutely the best time of my life. oh yeah - We'll win our group (thereby by-passing Brazil in the Round of 16) and meet up with Brazil in the Final. Unfortunately, this isn't our year to win the Cup (that's 2010!) and we'll fall to Brazil 3-1. pass the kool-aid!!! Mel
  7. Thanks again for everyone's help. TCH Support confirmed that it's not on our side, and his IP isn't blocked... not much you can do when it's on the user's side I suppose... Big Thanks to the TCH World Wide Family! Mel ps. David - I added your Toon Army Site! Thanks for the submission!
  8. Good Call.... I don't know how to get his IP addy though... I'm getting his email via Eudora... I'll email him and have him provide his IP Addy.. Thanks! Mel
  9. Huh - crazy.... Here's his response: "Still can’t bring up the site- you might want your hosting company to try and contact ATT and see if the issue might be corrected on their end" I guess I'll submit a support ticket to see if they can track down this guy's problem... I guess it's ultimately MY problem since I have someone who can't see my site.... and that's a problem! Thanks for your help folks! Mel
  10. Thanks for your help everyone! I really appreciate it... Anyone from California out there that can take a look? Mel
  11. Hello All - I've been a TCH customer for.... a very long time! 2 years? 3 years? And yes - I need some help from the 'family' : I've got a guy in San Jose CA that says he cant see my site, comes up 404. He's using Yahoo/ATT for an ISP. I've done the trace route and ping thing, but would like some help from the "TCH Family" - will you guys try and hit my site from around the country please? CPanel hasn't had a significant dip in traffic (in fact, traffic's climbing...) but I'm at a loss as to why this guy cant get to my site. Kinda embarasssing since he runs a directory I'm trying to get in! Here's the site: http://www.mysoccerlinks.com (it's on server 67) - Is there anyone out there from San Jose that could see if it shows up? I'd really appreciate it!!! Thanks! Mel
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