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  1. Has anyone gone from FrontPage to a CMS? Recommendations?
  2. I currently use Microsoft FrontPage for web design, but would like to have a content management system component for clients. Is there any way to do this through FrontPage 2003? The newer FrontPage? I looked through the Fantastico content management systems. How difficult is it to make the transition from FrontPage to a CMS? Are there any free CMS that don't have the copyright/"powered by" statement at the bottom? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  3. ejh

    Css Problems

    Thanks for the reply Bruce, where should I put the code? ... I'm still very new to this CSS stuff.
  4. ejh

    Css Problems

    Two new problems have surfaced... 1) The hyperlinks in the navigation bars and "Action Center" are not supposed to be underlined. How do I fix this? 2) Before I got fixed up with CSS for my border color issues, I did not have a space between "Action Center" and the links. How do I get rid of this space? You can see what I'm talking about at: www.gale2006.com/indexnew.htm Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. ejh

    Css Problems

    Wow! That did the trick!! Thanks guys- problem solved.
  6. ejh

    Css Problems

    At the suggestion of TCH members, I spent some time trying to learn CSS to solve a problem with borders. Despite my efforts, no solution has been reached. Can someone look at this for me? ... When viewing www.gale2006.com/new2.htm in Internet Explorer, everything is just how I want it. Open the same page in Mozilla Firefox and the borders and links are not correct. TCH members suggest CSS, on the page www.Gale2006.com/wrong.htm you will find my CSS changes, but not changes in Firefox. I think I may have gotten confused with CSS IDs/Classes. Can anyone show me how I'm supposed to be doing this?? Thanks for your help! Eric
  7. I suppose this is really a reply to the topic I created in FrontPage discussion, "Borders Problem," but by now it's more appropriate to be over here. I read the CSS-Tutorial on this website (http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5451) as recommended, but I'm still lost as to how this can solve my problem. I need the border color for a website I've created in FrontPage to be consistent throughout the different browsers. Anyone know of a different tutorial that could help me... or have any advice? As always, thanks!
  8. ejh

    Borders Problem

    Hmm... well I really know nothing about CSS. I know only a limited amount about HTML. Can anyone explain where I would need to change the code? Thank you
  9. ejh

    Borders Problem

    Hi, I'm doing a redesign of my website, gale2006.com. For some strange reason I'm having a terrible time getting the borders to work how I want them to. The new website design will be www.gale2006.com/new2.htm When pulling up the site in Internet Explorer, it works great... exactly how I want it to. But when I pull it up in Mozilla Firefox, the borders are back and the links are underlined. Any ideas how I can fix these problems? While you're at it... any thoughts about the basic new design? Thanks! You all are always so helpful. Eric
  10. Oh my gosh! My site is working!!! Rick, Thomas, TCH, I love you all so much!! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!!
  11. No... I just get a completely blank page. The site at www.gale2006.com/index.htm is what I want to see when I type in www.Gale2006.com... But I get a blank page
  12. Well I tried... I had to learn how to do this ftp business, and by accident I published it onto the pain public_html... so then I deleted it all, well I think I deleted something I shouldn't have. Is this bad? Is this fixable?!
  13. AHH! I have no idea what I did, I was trying to install Coppermine, and now my website is gone... www.Gale2006.com! What do I do!! I tried republishing from FrontPage and it just says it's done publishing, but I don't see my site. If I pull up www.Gale2006.com/index.htm... I see what I want my homepage to be, but when I pull up www.Gale2006.com, I just get that blank page! Oh man... Please help! Thanks!! Eric
  14. I must be freaking stupid... I've tried to install all these "Easy to Install" photo albums like Coppermill & Gallery, and I'm just too dumb to do it! I need a photo album software for our campagin website (www.Gale2006.com), it doesn't need to be fancy, all I really want it something I can send it to and it will automatically resize it so it doesn't take 20 hours for the page to load... Let me know your thoughts! Thanks so much! As always, Eric
  15. DAVID + Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate your help with that... Thanks again, Eric
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