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  1. Hmmm Correct, it should be under add/remove MS office, and then when this comes up, there should be a modification button you can press instead. Having said that, Office XP is up to service pack 3. Have you tried installing this to see if the problem goes away? JimE
  2. Hmmm, I just looked at my D-link and I can't block content based on terms or words. Personally, I would look at filtering from the laptop end. JimE
  3. Nice browsing Thomas! JimE
  4. Its not the one I was meaning, but its all summarised Here JimE
  5. Hello and welcome to the forums, Do you only ever get one beep? Also, have you tried a new battery in the CMOS? Remove all drives and just leave a single memory slot in. Find the manual and make sure that any jumpers that you may have open or to reset are closed JimE
  6. I would expect that many in beta at present, it should come down as they combine. Having 60 is no real problem IMHO, I would rather have 60 tables correctley done then have 30 all hiddly and piggdly together. JimE
  7. Welcome to the forums Yorkie, any more questions, please do ask! JimE
  8. Hmmm, I would look at doing this via AJAX possibably? E.g. try editing your own post using the quick edit method. This is essientially what your trying to do. JimE
  9. I used Eudora for years at Uni, much prefer thunderbird now so I hope they don't mess it up too much! JimE
  10. You should not rely on what the user has, only that that user has a browser. If you have flash, you should offer an alternative, and annoyingly (IMHO) code using ems for the sizes and not fixed pt Just my 2p JimE
  11. Hmmm, I much prefer gallery for this kind of thing, so I don't really know how to solve your problem. Surely, if a user has access to Catogorys X y and Z, they can post their pictures into them? JimE
  12. IF your still worried, please contact the help desk who can advise you more and double check all your settings for you. I would also suggest changing all passwords too JimE
  13. I much prefer phpBB over SMF but you need to install a few mods to stop the usual bots from posting on your forum I would have a look at the next version of phpBB at present, in Beta which I believe is better then SMF JimE
  14. I would not worry about any of thoose files, they are all safe files and I have quite a few temp files I can't delete either. Virus and spy do not pick them up so I don't worry! JimE
  15. Also, if you have a phpBB board, search for the mod/post which changes your form names for logging in too, that cut my spam on my phpBB board by about 90% JimE
  16. It has come to our attention that a relatively low risk XSS attack can be performed on an administrator in IPB 2.1.x. For this XSS attack to take place, the malicious user must store an avatar on their server that appears to be a legitimate image file but is actually a script that is set to redirect the browser to another location. The administrator must have 'root' access and must load the avatar in the ACP by searching for the member in the ACP's "Search Member" form. Even though the XSS attack requires a very specific sequence of events, we consider that it's worth performing this security update. The security update is only a single ACP file which removes the user's avatar from displaying in the search results page. IPB 2.2.0, currently nearing release candidate status has increased security in the ACP which means this attack would not be successful. To update your installation, simply download the attached file and upload the file "sources/action_admin/member.php" over the one currently used by your installation. Go Here JimE
  17. Thanks for the update, its always good to learn something new Hopefully this may help other users in the future JimE
  18. Welcome to the forums Samantha JimE
  19. Hello, The best answer is to start a help desk ticket and ask the server guys are they installed on your server. JimE
  20. Could you explain OJB how your brother went about doing this from another angle, there may be other customers wanting to know how it was done? Many thanks JimE
  21. Hello Sastian, I believe thats a question for the server guys on the help desk. If you reference this thread too, they should be then able to reply to you. JimE
  22. Hello, If your moving away from using frontpage, then I would delete all and start again. Always have a backup though! JimE
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