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  1. With PHPBB, do have you tried the odd anti spam fix? One of them involves changing the <FORM> names on signup. Most bots are pre-programmed with the standard ones. Changing this removed nearly all my spam posts on my old phpBB forum IP banning is rarely ever succesful as all someone has to do is go through a proxy or obtain another address JimE
  2. Hello, As thomas says, one of the many CMS's, although I much prefer joomla JimE
  3. Welcome to the forum. As suggested about the CPanel transfer is very easy to do and takes no time at all really. The IP changes takes up to 72hrs as it filters out around the world, but this is part of life with the internet, and is nothing to do with us. With regards to support, there is the wonderful forums here and most of us have experience of an odd package here and there so whatever help people can give, they always give it. With regards to what package, its true what Bruce says. However, if you start with the smallest one, we can quickly transfer you to a larger one if need be. Any more questions,please do ask! JimE
  4. TCH-JimE

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    I use XAMPP and find it relatively useful for checking stuff before I upload. I also run mine of a USB drive, not difficult to do. JimE
  5. Hello, I am glad they worked! Not only can you use filters, but I am guessing that you want email from different email addresses to go into different "inboxs" to be maybe further sorted into seperate folders? If so, goto Tools > account settings. Select the name of the account you wish to have a new inbox for. Select "server settings" and then click on the advanced button Select the "inbox for this servers account" Click on ok and exit. Now that mail box has its own "inbox, outbox etc etc" and all your mail is kept seperate. Now you can filter the email into different folders within your inbox. Hope this goes well JimE
  6. Hello Fionn McCuil and welcome to TCH forums. Its most likely that your laptop and PC have different screen resolutions. You can see this by closing all windows and right clicking on the desktop and selecting properties and then settings. You will now see that there is a screen dimension. Mine at present is set to 1280x1024 however, I know at work and on my wife's laptop, that this is not the same. You can play with the resolution by moving the sider back and forth and pressing ok. The screen will resize and everything will seem smaller or bigger and if you view the web page (remember to press F5 to reprocess the webpage your on) it will look different This is a fact of life when it comes to web design. People either design for a certain size or go for a dynamic size depending on the users ability to view the screen I hope this helps. Any more questions, please do ask! JimE
  7. Excellant news, a tracert is always a good point to see what starts going wrong Nice work Tom & Bruce! Jim
  8. The up and coming change to Joomla could take months as yet, so I would not hold your breath for a release any time soon. How much will change, to be honest, not that much, but thats just my opinion. JimE
  9. It takes time April, I still code today and then go back a few days later and its like "what came into me to put that tag in there????" Firefox has much better standards then IE, but if your programming for both, it pays to have both installed on your computer JimE
  10. Hello, I had many problems with this before, my only solution at the time was to completley re-install windows. However, one last thing, have you tried installing a firewall like zonealarm (the free version) It often used to ask me "allow Generic host.....". I just blocked it. Never gives me any problems. Give it a try JimE
  11. Wilfy, Instead of doing a ping, have you tried doing a tracert to the sites? Goto start>run and type tracert www.lines.ac and see what happens. JimE
  12. Drewneon, Welcome to TCH! Are you 100% sure there is no space or extra bit in your password? JimE
  13. TCH-JimE


    Welcome to the forums! Glad your enjoying yourself here JimE
  14. Please see this post Here for the file and what to do with it. An easy fix JimE
  15. Hello, The best thing is to try them all yourself and once you have found one you like, delete the others. Fantasico is brilliant for this. My favourite CMS is Joomla, and with what your wanting to do, you can add the communitiy builder component to it which seems quite popular these days. With what ever you choose, any problems, just give us a shout JimE
  16. Welcome to the forums Chrissy! Like Andy says above, its great to have another Brit amoungest us. Hotlinking is an evil thing, but thankfully, is also a very solvable one. Finding where its coming from it also a reasonable easy, but in my opinion its often easier just to stop all hotlinking all together, rather then try and ban site by site or ip via ip because you can end up chasing your tail. Never be afraid to ask question, the more the merrier. Any problems, give us a shout JimE
  17. Hello Etheline, Welcome to the forums. I am glad you found your solution. there are a few things about joomla but people only need to ask and the solution is always there Look foward to seeing you around the forums. Any more Joomla problems then give us a shout! JimE
  18. Welcome to the forums. Don't worry, the server guys will be able to sort you out and don't feel dumb! The only dumb question is the one you never ask JimE
  19. Glad its working! Htaccess is very powerful but can scupper the best laid plans of any website! JimE
  20. If your starting from scratch, then I would have everything removed, it makes things easier in the future. Remember to make sure you have a backup of everything and have it downloaded. Help desk should be able to "re-fresh" your account I believe. I would also look at fantasico, there are many useful scripts in there JimE
  21. I believe its never made truely clear, I am sure it all gets added into some database somewhere about what generates what click, after all, thats what google is intrested in. JimE
  22. Does logining in from your own computer (not the wifes) on the same network work ok? That would narrow it down to either a network or a computer fault. JimE
  23. My bet is it Linux but I don't understand why it could be JimE
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