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  1. Hello. Has this module from Google (mod_pagespeed - http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/docs/module.html) been implemented on any TCH servers? Could it be? Just found it interesting. I have a dedicated at TCH and am planning to start hosting a site that could use the load speed bump and thought to inquire if there has been any experience good or bad. MP dedicated24
  2. But.... if you sign up for the free version of Google Apps...and actually register your domain in their system...then it really is not "gmail" any more really. It is just them hosting your email FOR YOUR DOMAIN. Sure..it looks like gmail and exists in the same cloud system but... There is no forwarding involved. Your email goes out from your domain, no mention that your mail is run by google apps. When someone sends you an email it will still be sent to your email address at your domain...but google does the catching and the hosting and the storage of it. It no longer will be stored on your server at all. Added benefit is that you have access to all of the other google apps/gears stuff. Docs, calendar etc. in a way that is branded and linked and admin'd with your domain name. Do a search on "google apps for my domain" and then "Free version of google apps". Register your domain name..prove it is yours..register all of your (exact) email addresses in your new google account...redirect your mail (MX) to google...and you are sitting pretty. Create a CNAME record "mail" that points to ghs.google.com. and you can then access your login page from any browser by simply typing "mail.yourdomainname.com". Very clean. Then, when you can get an android phone...link it via google gears to your google apps ...and be really slick. Sorry if I misunderstood your problem...but this semd a logical step to me. You just have to commit to having them handle all of your email. No downside that I have found yet.
  3. Hello all. Hope everyone is well and hoping Don is having a great trip. Enough religion... I have a dedicated tch server and play host for a few odd projects. One of these is involving the occasional client upload of a huge file package. I set them up with an FTP folder, explained how things worked, had them get filezilla and walked them throught the login. All is well. Now however they are asking me why they cannot have a "site based" upload option wherein their clients can login and upload to the ftp directory directly from the website without having to install and configure a local TP client like filezilla. In my head I say to myself... you do it this way because that is the way I do it...but I cant really say that outloud since I was cured of foot in mouth disease back in my aerospace days (Hughes EODSG). Anyway...I know that I personally dont like those webpage based upload systems because they to me seem balky and hiccupish and usually not "batch" friendly..but I dont know enough to defend my position....which may be totally wrong anyway. So can anyone tell me why (or if) a local copy of filezilla (or whatever) is "better" than some script or applet on a webpage? Opinions welcome. Also, because I know how people are...if you have tried some sort of ftp upload widget that worked ok...can you tell me what it is? Thanks very much for all the help over the years. One thing I have learned through this process of hosting and then having a dedicated server... "It is almost never TCH's fault when things break......and almost always their fault when it gets fixed." What more can a perpetual nube ask for? Thanks to everyone. mporter88
  4. Ouch...It is really killing me to see this now. I dont think I've even paid for my first full boat charge for my ded server. I was not really even on the upgrade path for this deal.....but it still hurts. Oh well. TCH still rocks. Life is one big learning curve...and TCH helps straighten part of it out. M. Porter
  5. Hi. Last night Alex transfered all of my domains to my new TCH ded server. Now I am at my registrar and am switching all of the DNS settings to the new name server... ...and I am hoping for a quick answer about the process. The problem is that no matter what I do... the name servers come out reversed. As in... Name Server 1 ns2.xxxxxx.com Name Server 2 ns1.xxxxxx.com I have tried saving one change at a time and tried reversing the entry order to no avail. It appears that they are purposefully doing this. (ENOM) So my question is...does this matter? I thought I might be able to get a quick answer here before I send to ded server support. My last email from Alex was late last night so I figure he might not be on yet. Thanks in any event. MP
  6. Hmmph... Its been a month now and the only people that I can seem to find all seem to want to make monthly money providing me with "streaming hosting". When I explaint that I have a very good host that I want to stay with and that I am prepared to switch to a dedicated server for the video streaming, and that I am just looking for a consultant to help me set up the system.......they just fade away. So I may be on my own. Does anyone know of any good FAQ or website or other publication that may have guidance for me? (I will check amazon when I finish this.) It cannot be as simple as taking a dv stream, converting it locally to a compressed format suitable for "streaming/downloading", and then saving that file via FTP to somewhere public on my server? Is it even possible to transfer a file to my server via ftp while it is still being created? Is it possible to begin downloading and viewing a file while it is still being uploaded? Is ftp the correct way to upload such a file? I hae a very fast PC that will use procoder 2 to create the quicktime files for upload. Any help would be appreciated. Mporter88
  7. I think that I have found a consultant who is going to give me a proposal. Based upon our short introductory conversation I believe he will want to set up Quicktime streaming server and Quicktime Broadcast. Any thoughts?
  8. Wow, cheaper than I would have thought. Anyone else with local and/or server side streaming software that they have tried? Nothing is too basic to share. Knowledge is gold...and I love free gold. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Bruce. I will take a look at the pricing for a dedicated server. MP
  10. Hello. I have a resellers account but the main customer is my wife's Hollywood CA. casting company. Currently most of her bandwidth is used for the upload of short video clips (to photokorn gallery) that are then viewed by her clients who then select the correct actors for the various roles. Currently, the job list to achieve this is; Tape actors (create 1 long DV tape) Capture and seperate with scenalyzer (create discrete "edited" AVI files) Convert with Canopus Procoder (create discrete Windows Media or Quicktime files...sometimes both) Upload to Total Choice Hosted Telekorn Photokorn Gallery (nice product) Import to Telekorn Gallery (an internal gallery process) Assign Thumbnails to each clip in Gallery. (another internal gallery process) Done. It is lots of steps that require some expertise and focus to achieve..but do-able. Now our competition is providing a different product to their customers. One that aparently requires many less steps and man hours to complete. Aparently they put out a low to medium quality stream that can be viewed "nearly live" (with a delay of "11 seconds") ....or the stream can be invoked from a website and be watched again from the beginning at any time. The only requirement is Windows Media Player. I am beginning to investigate what I will need to do to provide this service in order to compete but I thought that I would post the situation here so I could get my hosts feedback. Can anyone give me any hints about this process? What are my server issues? I think that I have seen that I cannot provide this from a shared server...is that true? There would never be more than 3 or 4 viewers of the videos or the stream with 1 or 2 being more normal. Does Total Choice (who I love dealing with) provide what I need server side ? What package or service would that be? (so I can get pricing). In order to provide a "stream" my research is showing me that I will need something at my end to convert the DV stream to something more compact (the 11 second delay I suppose)...and then a better than average upload speed to feed the server. So...am I on the right track? Does anyone have guidance for me? Are there any Total Choice Hosted sites that offer this now? I guess that is it. Have a good day everyone. Thanks Very Much. Mike Porter P.S. TCH is the best
  11. Done and done. Thanks very much. I dont know an asp from a hole in the ground so you really helped me out. You saved me from MP
  12. Hi all. I have installed Clever Copy "Content Management System" and it was really easy to install, configure, customize. It is on my TCH comain http://www.portersemail.com Now I have another site that needs the same treatment and I want to try another CMS product so I can broaden my experience. The one I am looking at is Maxwebportal. (www.maxwebportal.com) Does anynone know any reason why I shouldnt be able to get it going on a TCH hosted domain? Is it not allowed for some reason? I have searched the forums and didnt find anything either way except a vague sort of "I dont think so" from a few years ago. Thanks for allof your past help and thanks in advance for all advice on this. I dont want to waste my time so I come to the source... mporter88
  13. Hello. I am looking for a gallery type script that will allow me to create multiple password protected albums each of which might contain JPG, mpeg, mp3, and mov files. A mix of photos, video, and audio. Any suggestions? I dont need alot of customizable features. Ease of use is paramount concern. I hae heard that coppermine, image folio, and photopost php are all capable of this. Dont know about gallery but would like to. As always, I ask for advice before jumping in. I have 2 TCH hosted domains that could use this functionality. Thanks in advance. I have always gotten all the help I need from these boards. Its nice to know that someone is listening. mporter88
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