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  1. Hello, Now this doesn't make sense, but its not supposed to be played on win95! Link is here: h**p://themeworld.simgames.net/park/ So trying playing it in dos, it seems to work then. JimE
  2. Hello Nossy and Welcome to the forums, Its nearly impossible to stop hotlinking for WMV as the windows media player which most people use to play it does not send out headers which is what htaccess uses to stop people hotlinking with. Its the reason why many people have turned to flash to load and play thier videos. I am sure if you have a quick google, someone will be able to provide a free flash movie player which will get around your hotlinking problem (remember to name the video something really bizarre so that people don't guess its filename!) JimE
  3. Welcome to the forum Mike. Thats an excellant find, well done! For a windows user, it often means a compleletley differenet meaning that the XML loader file is missing. JimE
  4. Strange, I don't know why Have you tried reinstalling it? If you have the original disk, can I suggest trying a no-cd patch after install. Some of these actually can be very useful if having problems loading the game JimE
  5. Hello, I must admit I don't have one, but Google is normally the best friend here so have a search and see what you can come up with. With regard to blue tooth, I believe this is only a short range device but I coul d be wrong! JimE
  6. Hello Seren and Welcome to Totalchoicehosting. As Alex has answered above, all I can do is wish you a big welcome to TCH and I look foward to having you as part of the family! JimE
  7. Welcome to the forums. Its possible DW was not saving the .htaccess as a proper .htaccess file. In your file manager, can you see a duplicate of .htaccess? JimE
  8. Don, Another useful tool I use is I go into my cpanel and look at the error log. This often gives me a bit of a clue if something isnt working. Any clues in yours? JimE
  9. I am a chemist in a local oil refinery working shifts which also incorperates being a firefighter and first aider. So yes, when it's all going wrong, it can get pretty stressful! JimE
  10. I would go with Thomas here, have you got all your permissions set correctley? JimE
  11. Well done for getting it sorted! Nice catch Dick JimE
  12. Hello, You will find that some files mentioned there will not scan with 99.9% of all virus scanners, mostly because either the file is so huge, it contains so many small files inside it or that windows won't free it up to scan. I would not worry with the files it has not scanned. Having said that, AVG free which I use doesn't have a problem scanning some of the files you mention. JimE
  13. Welcome to the forums! As above, the starter plan is more than adequate for your needs. It contains all the same goodies you get on all the other single domain plans so there is no difference between them other then bandwidth and space! JimE
  14. Remove the sigature. Do you still get the problem? JimE
  15. I too have no problem with IE (XP SP2 all updates known to man applied) JimE
  16. Nice going Thomas! Glad you found the answer webgyrl JimE
  17. Hello, Put your favicon into your forums folder. Ads - depends on the ads, but it will involve editting the template and putting in whatever javascript or html you have been given to display the ads with JimE
  18. Hello Mrs Muddled, I am assuming your using windows XP. All programs loaded in the admin side, will ALWAYS boot up into the limited guest mode. There is nothing you can do to stop this, and in a way, protects your computer. E,g, imagine if you could turn of the virus scanner for your guests who came along and downloaded a virus onto your computer! 2) If using XP, he should have a complete new desktop, and not be the same as yours. However, his start menu will be the same as yours. 3) You can edit what appears in the start bar by logging in as yourself and then opening up windows explorer by pressing windows key+E Scroll down to documents and settings > All users > Start Menu Now this is what will appear in ALL users, if you don't want it there, remove it (don't delete it otherwise you wont be able to see it). I suggest you move it to start menu of your own user folder. E.g Mine is labelled as "Jim" JimE
  19. Excellant, thanks for letting us know JimE
  20. Hello, As above, this is nothing to worry about. If you want to see it in action, goto start > run and type in: iexplore.exe -> Gives Internet Explorer winword -> Gives Microsoft Word (if installed) excel -> Gives Microsoft Excel (if installed) notepad -> Gives Microsoft Notepad (thoose are actually really handy ones to know in my opinion) Many people are alarmed when anything flashes up telling them "something could be wrong" or something similar. The best thing to do is to cancel it and find out more, and ask around. Not everything is as bad as it may seem! JimE
  21. Hijack is a program that as thomas says, does not run all the time, you choose when and where you want to run it. You can do no harm in installing it and running it. If you want, you can post the log file here and I can take a look a for you, that way you won't do any harm to your computer JimE
  22. Now thats what I call a good WYSIWYG editor, even I am off to try this out! Nice going bruce Hope it all works out ianconetti JimE
  23. Also, locate and download a program called "Hijackthis!" This is a brillaint tool which helps remove spyware too. Be warned, it can easily mess up your system, but its one I use every day JimE
  24. Nice going Alex and Vivek. Many thanks for the review Scott! JimE
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