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  1. SOLVED: In phpMyAdmin, select the database and under "operations" at the bottom there is a dropdown list with the codification, just selected the UTF 8 - bin enconding, and it is ok now. Thanks to TCH Gurus Alex & Bill for your help
  2. Hi: I'm trying to install moodle in a silver account. The installation runs Ok, but when entering the admin section it says: unicode - must be installed and enabled It is required that you store all your data in Unicode format (UTF-8). New installations must be performed into databases that have their default character set as Unicode. If you are upgrading, you should perform the UTF-8 migration process (see the Admin page). It is possible to solve this issue? I've used moodle in TCH a couple of years back and everything worked Ok. Thanks for your feedback
  3. Back to the moodle problem: We are planning a maximum of 100 students and 10 teachers at a time. What TCH accounts do you recommend ? The problem will be the mail limits Regards Paul
  4. ALMOST SOLVED: - New fresh install (no using fantastico) www.estrellasecuatorianas.com on line - Started editing... everything works - Uploaded the template... keep working - Uploaded the images directory... STOP WORKING!!! I was using JCE EDITOR before the error... The editor of the webpage had uploaded a lot of pictures in the main directory of the images (/website/images/)... I delete all the images and the site works well I'm not sure wich image is the one who is causing the trouble. I upladed 2 directories inside the /stories and stop working again. I'm uploading the images again, one by one, and see what happen. The only isue that still is not solved is that in the full list of content items, I still get until the #20... and stops. But editor works (I'm using tynimce now) ABOUT THE JOS_ vs MOS_: I upgraded Mambo to joomla and kept the same database names, not a problem. The really great problem was the images directory. I'm now uploading one by one every image (about 800) and reinstalling every componente... boring... Regards Paul
  5. UPDATE (still not solved): - I've erased all the public_html directory - Installed via fantastico a fresh copy of Joomla - Tested the item editor, modified some items - Erased all the sample content - Erased all the categories and sections - Created a new section - Created a new category - Try to edit an item... AND STOP WORKING!!! the same javascript error I'm about to cry...
  6. Hi Forum Family: I have this site hoste by TCH: www.estrellasecuatorianas.com I have a JS problem in the backend. The full description of the problem is described here: Joomla Forum (I am PaulCoyote) I've tried all the sugestion of the partners... even reinstalled mambo but nothing seems to work. Could be a server issue? Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeease give me some light? I have a couple of sites running Joomla 1.0.10 (www.ecosur.org www.martirena.com) and the backend editor works fine in them Regards Paul
  7. Can TCH offer me a mail-limit lifted account? I do need a no mail-limit account for my Moodle site. The Moodle site will grow (very) large during the next year. Regards Paul
  8. Hi: I post a support ticket because my emails were bouncing as if "host not found". Support told me: I'm using Moodle in: www.campus.ecosur.org I have about 150 students with 2 courses and at 17:00 (-5 GMT) an e-mail is sent to all users with the resume of the posts of the day. Is there any chance, solution, workaround for the xxmails/minute? I have a Silver Plan (850 megs) Thanks for your replies. Paul edited by tch-don to remove the limit numbers we do not want spammers to see the limits. if anyone needs to know the limits, open a help desk ticket.
  9. I have a site hosted with TCH with Mambo: www.ecosur.org This site had run for 3 years with Mambo with no load issues. We have an average of 8,000 visits per month and sometimes up to 70 people at the same time. I had an bandwiht overload and upgraded my site from starter to silver a couple of months ago. No problems with load issues. Regards Paul
  10. I have a similar problem: Installed mambo, uploaded a couple of componentes, and later, I can not delete some directorioes or even upload files to these directories using the CPanel file manager or via FTP. Any ideas? Regards the website is: Edit by TCH-David: URL removed (sorry, no domain pointed there yet)
  11. ¡Muy bien! Sehr gut! Very Good! I've just uploaded the stats script and it works FINEEEEEEE!!! Thanks a lot for the help! Regards Paul the site is www.julioverne-travel.com Thanks Again
  12. Hi: Is there a way to do this for an starter/silver plan? I mean, to have access to statistics without accessing to the C-panel? Regards Paul
  13. ¡Me encantaría tener ese tutorial! I'll love to have that tutorial!
  14. I'm trying to implement moodle in: www.campus.ecosur.org I have an starter account and planning to upgrade to a silverplan... will it be enough for 100 students? Regards Paul
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