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  1. Welcome to the forums! As mentioned by TCH-Don, just upload your files to the public_html folder and go from there. GD2 is supported in each and every folder on your website, so it doesn't matter where it gets placed Any more questions, just ask! JimE
  2. In any buisness, word of mouth is the best possible form. JimE
  3. Welcome to the forums riksch_admin JimE
  4. Hello, Are you saying that the ecrater website is actually a subfolder of your (unprofessional) bathtreasures.com? JimE
  5. Hello, Whilst the method I suggest is working but causing errors (post 5 as Bruce points out), it should not be causing any errors. However, the only difference I can see is that in my lines I use on my own website with the same coding, I don't use files.inc , I use files.php Boxturt, could you try, just on one page, including it as a php file (remember to save it as a php file) and see if the log still sees an error and if so, what that error is. Jim
  6. Where is the Joomla install relative to the root? JimE
  7. Hello, Correct, however, if I have heard that some "bad" robots, take the robots.txt and process the information in it and then completley disregard it. In conjunction with the "robots.txt" I would also suggest that viewing of forum is not made public (you have to be registered) and to register the admin has to approve the application. All good boards have this function in it. That way, it makes life a lot easier. JimE
  8. Hello Boxturt, Telcor has beaten me to solving this, but I would stick with this: ><?php include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/alpha/songs/includes/google_ads.inc"; ?> It means that where ever the document it, it will always pickup that file correctley (Long as that folder is set to a minimum CHMOD of 644) JimE
  9. Hello Captain Crunch Welcome to the forums. What you are seeing in your logs is not unusual. Am I guessing that you do not have that directory at all? I would suggest putting in a 404 error page first off that redirects back to your main page. Have you tried setting up a googlesitemap and are your robots.txt set up ok too? JimE
  10. Its like the old dos one: "Error: No keyboard present, press F1 to continue" JimE
  11. Pre-moderation? Could you explain this function please? JimE
  12. If your clients are logging into the cart to buy something, that would also count too. Also if they log into the blog, that could also be them. Just a few ideas JimE
  13. Hello, Anyone who ever uses a "name" password or something simple is being rather stupid. E.g. "trevor" or "011090" All passwords should be 8 or more digits long made up of a mix of letters and numbers, and if the program /script will accept it, puncuntion marks too. The owner of the website needs to make sure they are always up to date with the scripts (getting on the email for new releases always helps) and that all folders and upload areas are secure. To sniff a password, all they have to do is keep on plugging away . E.g if your password is "dog" then all they need to do is keep putting in 3 letter combinations until they come accross the correct one. Obviously if they try this too much, the owner (us) notices this and bans them, but people, because they do not like the hardship of remembering such passwords, perfer the easy option. Another trick is people often use a password attributed to the site. E.g if your site was about gardening, and you have used the word pansy, it wouldnt take long for someone to figure it out. Also, always make sure your computer at home is safe and secure and never make the browser remember the password. JimE
  14. To be honest, I would never login to my bank from Work as work as a policy about recording everything you do JimE
  15. Hello, The best way to do this (IMHO) would be the following: 1) Do you have anything on your website which uses a database? If so, you need to locate which of this (ese) databases are so you not not to delete them. 2) Now goto into cpanel and mysql databases. You want to create a new database. I would name it something like smfforum 3) Now you need to create a user. I would create the user to be smfuser and make sure the password is at least 8 digits long, something like 1alqp2hanu (remember to write this down!) 4) Join the user to the database, accepting the defaults it ticked for you. 5) Now, correctley write down the database and its corresponding username. Remember CPANEL automatically adds your cpanel name to these. E.g. given the above it would be something like this: Database: jime_smfforum Username: jime_smfuser Password: 1alqp2hanu 6) Now, upload into your subdomain folder, the smf files. 7) Remember to access your subdomain the correct way when installing SMF. E.g. h*tp://forum.jime.com Not: h*tp://www.jime.com/forum Install smf using the given username and password and everything will be ok. The database is not subdomain or folder specfic JimE
  16. Hello Mporter88, I believe google is your best friend here, there are a few links to get you started: http://www.engadget.com/2005/11/29/how-to-...hing-using-vlc/ http://images.apple.com/quicktime/streamin...treaming_TB.pdf JimE
  17. As the script is based on Matt's Formmail.php (apparentley the arguments are the same) which has alot of security problems, this script is banned. Can I please suggest you find something else and remove the script as soon as possible. Many thanks JimE
  18. I would suggest searching hotscripts or google for the above. JimE
  19. Hello, Sometimes i have this same problem. I just wait for a few minutes and it rights itself. Do you still have the problem? JimE
  20. As thomas says, search the gigcalander forum. If Joomla is correct on its timezone that you have set, something is not right in the gigcalander setup Good luck and let us know how you got on! JimE
  21. Hello, Your username and password should be the same as your cpanel login. Chmodding it the process of changing the permissions of one file or folder to another set of permissions. E.g. 777 is the setting for reading / writing and excution of all 3 groups, not a good setting to have, but sometimes nessacary. The instructions on the upgrade should tell you what files need changing permissions. JimE
  22. Its a terrible tradegy, he truely was a great australian and he inspired me in many ways. JimE
  23. Welcome to TCH Bill and yes, you can do all of thoose steps without a problem Any more questions, please do ask JimE
  24. Welcome to the team Harry and Tina! JimE
  25. Thomas is correct and I have also implemented the register_globals in my .htaccess. You have to be aware though that some scripts won't like that bit being turned off, e.g. Gallery 2 for server uploads no longer functions when register_globals is turned off. This is not TCH fault but more the gallery's programmers fault for correctley defining them. Also some Joomla extentions also stop working, again thats the programmers fault and Joomla's website does warn you of this. Just be aware thats all JimE
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