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  1. Well, leave your domain name and subdomain names so we can check them out.
  2. Yes Dan, you'd still need a reseller account, unless you wanted to park one domain on top of the other, having both addresses going to the same site.
  3. This is neat! For my site cerealkeeler.net (still under construction people!) was 132 links. For TCH, I did the search and got 833 links in all! Good stuff!
  4. That's some good stuff.. I've been scared of the lack of good documentation on Gallery for a while.. guess I'm running out of excuses now!
  5. The new accounts are being processed as quickly as possible, you just have to wait right now and have faith we're doing all that we can to get yours and many MANY other accounts set up and going! Don't worry, be happy man!
  6. haha, good classic stuff.. ohh how I used to hate Windows 95, how many battles we had! Memories!
  7. Wow, I've done over a hundred posts on the board today! Of course about 60 or more have been done in the past two weeks since becoming a guru.. I'm just pretty proud, and I hope the next 100 will be just as good! TCH Rocks
  8. Just checked out the site, and man.. there's alot of good stuff there! A very good find!
  9. Okay lets stop this before it starts and don't bash anybody just because your not one of the finalist. Not pointing fingers at anybody, just want to get it said before I see 50 negative posts under this thread. You should be thanking Bill for starting this contest in the first place, and just hope your chances are better next time. Comments are welcome, but if they're all negative, do you really think Bill would go through the trouble of having another contest? This was a fun thing for the TCH family and friends... Congrats to the finalists, can't say I didn't wish I was there, but I still can't wait to see which one of you takes home the prize! ...and always remember TCH Rocks
  10. There are several templates on Moveable Type's website. You can also get alot of help off of the Moveable Type boards as well..
  11. Trust me, because this is comming from somebody who has installed MT more times than I ever should have! What you need to do is retrace your steps, go backwards and forwards because you probably missed a step somewhere. Make sure you CHMODed everything correctly Make sure you Uploaded everything correctly (either ASCII or Binary) Read, read, and re-read! Follow the install guide by exact word to exact word and you shouldn't have a problem. Here's a page off of the TCH Help Site that might do you some good: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id76.htm And just remember, if you're feel like you've done everything and you get frustrated enough to slam your head into the wall.. remember, it's a learning experiance!
  12. If nobody can solve it from this end, I'd say your best bet would be to sumbit a help desk ticket about it. That way some of us gurus could get under the hood and see if there's anything configured wrong on the inside that might need changing.
  13. Yeah, I haven't ever gone through a CGI-BIN install of MT just because I don't want to split things up. I like having everything right there where it should be. The best resource though for installing MT is the install guide that comes with it. You always got to remember though just to take it one step at a time! I've been back and forth on MT instals plenty of times, just think of it all as just a learning experiance!
  14. Yeah, I'd say your best bet would be just to update in manually for now, because it might still be a ways off before we get going with updating it via the CPanel. All this darn quality service getting in the way..
  15. Alrighty, (now edited for anybody else with this problem, since it was fixed before I got to post!) try doing this. Open up IE, and make sure it isn't maximized. then streach the window to the size you want and where it wants, minimize it, then bring it back up. Alright now close that window, and using the same IE6 shortcut as before, click it again. Hopefully it will rememeber the minimized size you last had it at. Another way around this is to right click your IE6 icon or shortcut, and choose properties. Beside "Run:" you should see a drop down box of minimized, maximized, and normal. switch that to mazimized, hit apply then okay. That's my second fix for it. If neither of those work though, I open it up to anybody else here to solve!
  16. This post has been moved from "Website Reviews" to "Scripting"
  17. Yeah, although php-nuke isn't my strong point, I'd say you need to install it inside your public_html folder, and not the folder /home. The quickest way though to solve your problem I can think up would be creating an index page with a clickthrough to the /home index. Hope this helps!
  18. Just for a little bit more info incase anybody was curious... Also, if you wanted to back up your site manually, then you can do so though CPannel under Site Management. Always a good idea to keep some form of backup on your own, because you never know when the worse might happen.
  19. Well as a fellow dial-up 56k wiz, I got to say even though it might be a little slower to click through to where you want to go, but I like having the variety to pick to use one or the other. It's like somedays you might want Chinese food, and another day you might want Mexican.. So just in my personal opinion, I'm all for the "choice" in total choice hosting.
  20. bookmarklets.com Although this doesn't exactly fit in the software category, it's still a very useful and intresting list of additions for Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator that'll add a little more functionality to it! All these are totally free, and all you need to do to get them going is drag them into your favorites or your links bar. Take a look around and see if you can find any of them useful for your own designing or just personal use!
  21. I think ya covered just about everything Jim!
  22. No, right now blue lagoon is the only theme we have because it's the best of the best! Well, I guess it's all in personal preferance really... If your wondering if that means their's more features to the site, then it doesn't. It's just a diffrent organization of all the things Cpannel offers more or less. Hope this answers your question!
  23. Right now it's on the "coming soon" list. No real specified date though.. so the best responce we can give right now is.. keep watching at this same totalchoice time.. on this same totalchoice channel! (Gotta love old Batman reruns.. )
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