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    Computers, off roading, fixing things, and shootin at the range to let off steam.<br><br>Oh, and lurking around the TCH forums. hehe <br><br>TCH ROCKS

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  1. Amember is a member management. It is very basic. We need to run an entire community with several small separate sectors in each area with facilitators. Auto membership billing. Email marketing to members. Member profiles for each chapter. ect.......
  2. We are looking for a software that we can install on a dedicated server at TCH that will manage our member website, membership subscriptions, membership access areas. We need something that is like this software here. http://www.arcsolutionsinc.com/polaris.htm But not costing 15,000 dollars.. So if anyone has some suggestions of software or where to start looking that would be awesome so we can get started getting this website off the ground and up and running. Jeremy
  3. I thought there was a way to turn on the automatically email a person when a new topic or post has been added to a topic or forum they started or replied to. I know they can check the option in their controls but I want it checked automatically when they sign up. I thought there was way to do this but I don't see it. Mav
  4. Copy that, I'll try to see if that Pop2blog works here maybe this weekend if I get a chance. Mav
  5. Yep I knew that part, wasn't sure about those other add-ons. I'll have to get the link for those and submit a help ticket then so I can get those items loaded up. Mav
  6. sounds like a plan. I'll keep looking as I definitely want to hook this up, and if I can find a way to do it with Moveable Type as a plugin of sorts that would be even better. Mav
  7. I wanted to try out a script for using in my MT blog which would allow posting from my camera phone to the website. The plugin can be found here at Pop2blog The requirements he lists for installing this plugin are: Is there any problem with these requirement on TCH? Or is this allot of work? Mav
  8. Yeah I'm not looking for a blogging setup, just a php code setup that I can insert in my pages. I'll look into those programs to see if I can just hack them down to what I want. I'll keep looking, there has to be a program to send a attached image via email to a email address on the server for your domain and a program that will then pull those images out and make thumbnails and post your images to you page. I saw this long before camera phones came out but I'll be darned if I can find anything about it anymore. I'm curious if this script from bix would work pop2blog on TCH. At the bottom it lists the requirements being I could use this in my MT blog if I thought the server would have these things installed for me. Doesn't seem to hard to accomplish, I don't think. Mav
  9. I want to send pictures from my cell phone to my website like TextAmerica offers. I just don't want to use Text America to do the service. Their must be a way for me to do it on my server using a script at TCH. I've seen this done but I don't know where they got the script or what kind of script it is that they used. Any help on this would be appreciated, or any other ideas. Basically the phone emails the image I believe so I just need a way to intercept uploading of a picture from the phone to the server and onto my webpage. Thanks Mav
  10. I grow tired of using spam assassin and mail washer pro to swim through the crap in my personal email. I only have a small select group of friends and family that send email, if I can authorize them and make it even harder, or put up another speed bump in the spammers wake then I'll do it. I hope this feature does come available soon. If you need someone to test it out let me know, I'll break it in for sure! Mav
  11. I see Box trapper in the Cpanel but it doesn't seem to work yet. Any idea of when this feature will work? I would definitely love to try using this stuff for my personal email to stop some of that horrid spam coming through, or at least make it harder for them to figure out another way in. Mav
  12. I'm using it all, spam assassin, email filtering, mail washer pro, and outlook filters, but stuff still slips by. But I have seen the boxtrapper stuff and I like that for my business site. It'll help thwart alot of crap mail right off the bat and my personal email. All the others are just set up to receive email from just certain places like newsgroups, forums, newsletters.... ect.. ect.. I get to those when I can but my business and personal emails I'd like to have them free of all spam and the addtion of the boxtrapper would increase that control 3 fold. Yet another useful tool from TCH coming soon. As always keep the cool stuff coming. Mav Rock Sign
  13. Ah, Poop! Do hurry and get this option activated please. I'm being swamped with spam from the scum of the earth and would love to free up my email account with the joy of only email from those I choose. Ah, to read email and not sift through lines and lines of spam claiming to be my friend or offering me ****. Anything you add that'll fight these spamming scum bums I'll be using immediately! Mav Rock Sign
  14. I see that boxtrapper is installed but there doesn't seem to be anyway to activate it or any tutorial on how to use it. Could you point me in the right direction. Mav
  15. It doesn't com back to me, I error out trying to send it to the server. I get this message from my Symantec Email Proxy. Then it gives this link. Symantec Error Pages It only does this when I'm sending out with TCH. I have my broadband email, hotmail, yahoo, and another server host and do not have any problems what so ever. Something about TCH and sending more than 4 emails gives me an error and the mail doesn't get sent out. It's also not just bouncing it's any emails that I send at one time with more than 4. There must be a setting or solution to this does anyone out there know....it's starting to get annoying. TIA, Mav
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