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  1. Rob - You were right! Many thanks. I went back and looked at the ending ?> and there were a number of carriage returns following it. I deleted them and the darn thing works! I had no idea that "white space" following ?> was a culprit. I didn't even touch that part of the file. I can't figure how it could have been altered? Who cares?! It works! Many thanks to you and to mr bill. I do appreciate your willingness to help out a newb.
  2. Thanks Mr Bill but that doesn't seem to be it. I checked for spaces and didn't find a one. I did change one other line in the header.php file where I added a different background image. I removed it and still got the same error message. Interestingly I removed the text from the english.php file and also still got the error. I think it somehow expects that text string and when it doesn't get it it throws the error. I'm still looking.
  3. I put the advanced guestbook up and it seems great. For anyone wanting to change the line at the top of the guestbook "Thanks for visiting my site. You can leave your mark here" text or something close to that, you can edit this at the lang/english.php file. You can add links or other text there also as long as any extra quotes (") get a (\) (omit the parentheses) in front of them. There seems to be a small price to pay for this editing, the comment function works fine but when using the comment feature I get the following error message: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/mysite/public_html/guest/lang/english.php:105) in /home/mysite/public_html/guest/lib/comment.class.php on line 152 It looks like my editing has created an error. The comment function still works fine it just gives this error after being used. Looks like it is expecting something a bit different from the edited english.php file. Any ideas on how to fix it? Many thanks.
  4. I am planning on buying a basic reseller site and noticed that you ask for a domain name. I have a number of domains that I want to bring over....I am assuming I just pick one of them as the main name for the account? Does it make a difference which one? Will that become my account name? Thanks.
  5. Thanks knucklehead. Glad to hear it. This is a very impressive place. I'll be back. Aud
  6. Whew! You guys are fast! Glad to hear about the back up. Thanks for letting me know. I had read in the FAQ section http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...ct=ST&f=20&t=34 that: . It seems the Head Guru was referring to the individuals responsibility to back up their data in addition to the server daily backups. This is a sensitive question for me since my present web host had a problem with a raid array and lost a month's worth of data. Ouch! I had most of my sites backed up but lost some data. It might be a good idea to edit that quote above to keep things clear for newbies like myself. I am very glad to have found totalchoice. Things look wonderful so far.
  7. New person here wondering about buying a re-seller site. I noticed below that you say you don't keep back-ups of your sites. If there is a hardware failure is there any back up provided or are people completely on their own?
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