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  1. TCH-Sales

    The Sims Expansions

    I have had problems with The Sims and the expansion packs on again, off again since they first came out. Other than the steps mentioned here, if you keep having problems, might do a clean reinstall of all of 'em. Also, be forwarned that EA's support isn't really top notch either.. well it's okay, lets just say it's no TotalChoice Hosting. Haha..
  2. TCH-Sales

    Please Welcome....

    Congrats Mike!
  3. TCH-Sales

    Refund Time Length

    This is from the terms of service:
  4. TCH-Sales

    Change Of Name

  5. TCH-Sales

    Can Someone Change My Url Please?

    Just got you added back to the personal sites links page! Thanks!
  6. TCH-Sales

    Bringing In My 4th Site

    I'm going to go ahead and close this topic. FireRandySanders, if you want to get on the list, contact me personally and I'll let you know what we need. Thanks!
  7. TCH-Sales

    Distant, Early Morning

    Not a problem Lisa! Looking through your site kinda makes me miss my old blog.. *sniffle* hehe..
  8. TCH-Sales

    Please Add My Site

    Got you added Miss Kelly! Just hold on till later tonight before you look for the update, so I have enough time to get things uploaded. PageRank Eval. Title: Perfect.. only change I could think about making would move "photography" in somewhere earlier in the title. Meta-Tags: Somebody has been doing their homework! Navigation: Easy to understand. Content: Really good stuff, only thing I could think of would be adding a little more text description for each picture/update.
  9. TCH-Sales

    We Would Like To Be Added Please

    Just got you added. Please wait till later tonight before looking for the updates, so I have time enough to get a few more of these done before uploading the changes. Page Rank Eval. Title: Might add a breif description of the page or about the page's reason for being (that would be for the index page) Meta Tags: Change your keywords meta tag to a description meta tag instead. Then add a new keyword meta tag that have breif keywords to use. (for example: cat,dog,bird,ect) Content: Really like the content. Easy to read through. Navigation: I'd ditch the click through on the index. Other than that, all looks pretty good.
  10. TCH-Sales

    Distant, Early Morning

    Just got you added Lisa! Great site by the way! Wait till later tonight to look for the update page, so I have enough time to get through a few more of these. Thanks!
  11. TCH-Sales

    Please Add Me To The Family

    Got you added! Please wait till later tonight to look for the update, so I have time to get through a few more of these before I upload all the changes. Thanks!
  12. TCH-Sales


    Got you added! Please wait till a little later tonight, so I have time to get through a couple of more of these before I upload the changes. Thanks!
  13. TCH-Sales

    Please Add My Site.

    Alright, just got you added! Very nice site! Please wait till later tonight before checking up on it so I have enough time to get the rest of these done and updated. Page Rank Eval. Title : I like what's there but you might put your company name up there as well. Meta-Tags: Good! Thumbs Up Navigation: Well done! Should be read easily by the search engines. Content: Might look at making your text a little bigger, and using a few more headline tags per page. It's hard to read through some of the pages because things are kinda jumbled together. What you got there is good, it just needs some organizing.
  14. TCH-Sales

    How Do I Do This?

    Just got you taken care of in your other post.
  15. TCH-Sales

    Site Name And Description

    Sorry for the wait, thanks! Just got it updated! Please wait till later tonight before you check on it though, to give me time to check through the rest of these posts..