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  1. greatfolios sysop

    Aw Stats Missing

    I looked and looked, it's gone...? any clues as to what happened? Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  2. greatfolios sysop

    Not Exactly Sure How To Ask

    something you said made me go and change the url's to full instead of ../ and magicly it all worked.... Thanks!!! Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  3. greatfolios sysop

    Not Exactly Sure How To Ask

    you have the path correct, I was trying to do it from memory.... it works fine with the greatfolios url, but the root is different when I use the ppp url. Thanks again! Mr. Bill
  4. greatfolios sysop

    Not Exactly Sure How To Ask

    image locations are in public_html/assetts/images/ (good catch with the resellers comment....) thank you! Mr. Bill
  5. greatfolios sysop

    Not Exactly Sure How To Ask

    I am sure this is my fault.... I have greatfolios.com and my portfolio is www.greatfolios.com/billmccord - simple enough so far.... I asked tch to point www.properspectivephotographics.com to www.greatfolios.com/billmccord - and I don't see some of the same graphics and page features as I do if I use the www.greatfolios.com/billmccord url. not sure if there is something I can do with .htaccess or perminent redirects.... any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  6. greatfolios sysop

    Have You Personally Met Any Tch Family Member?

    Sorry it should be magnum XL 200 http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill/magnum.cfm Fun!!! Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  7. greatfolios sysop

    Have You Personally Met Any Tch Family Member?

    just came home from Cedar Point!!! Rode the Raptor and the Magnum 200. Too chicken to take on the others.... Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  8. greatfolios sysop

    Have You Personally Met Any Tch Family Member?

    I know Geo and Bogatones as I have reccomended them both to TCH! I work with Bogatones and Geo is a friend of a couple of years. Mr. BIll :Nerd: Rock Sign
  9. greatfolios sysop

    The Copycats Arrive

    I got one too.... I am www.greatfolios.com There is now a www.greatfolio.com Should make me feel good right? Mr. Bill
  10. greatfolios sysop


    Thanks Lisa, (in more ways than one, you are all busy and we appriciate you.) Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  11. greatfolios sysop


    Got dreamweaver working agian, link to TCH is at bottom of splash page. Rock Sign
  12. greatfolios sysop


    Hi Guys, I know it is just a splash page but the rest of the site is coming soon, I would like the spiders to catch a phrase on the site now to keep this client happy. http://www.flairmodels.net Flair Models Nashville, TN - Models and Promotions for over 30 years. (oops, forgot link to TCH, I'll get it on in the next day or two.) (I'll edit this when I get it done....)
  13. greatfolios sysop

    A Must Read! :p

    Allan, www.billmccord.com Thanks! (what a cool jesture....) Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  14. greatfolios sysop

    Coca-cola Contest

    Kewell!!! Mr. Bill :Nerd:
  15. greatfolios sysop

    Spelling Polices?

    Bad spellers of the world.... UNTIE!!! Mr. Bill :Nerd: