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  1. How do I find out if I have suPHP installed? I'm on a dedicated box and I seem to recall support telling me it isn't on my machine. 755 doesn't work--I already tried it. However if the security risk is just about other accounts on the same machine, since it's my box and I know what accounts are on it that's not a huge concern.
  2. I've had a custom PHP script written for me for a client's website. It has a flash uploader in the administrator's area and the developer has told me I must set my upload folder to 777 for it to work. These are JPEG files that get uploaded that need to be accessible as they are viewable from another separate page. I don't pretend to know a great deal about permissions but it's my understanding that 777 is very insecure...but insecure in what way, I'm not sure. I also seem to recall that 777 may not even be allowed on TCH. Can anybody help fill me in? I'm on a dedicated box if that make
  3. So I realize this probably (I think) isn't a TCH issue, but I'm stumped and want to see if anyone has any ideas. My suspicion is it involved MX records or DNS, so in that way it does involve TCH. I'm looking for a Gmail forum where I'll post the same question. I have two domains, zachrosing.com and homemattersllc.com that are using Gmail thru Google Apps. Lately--not sure how long but I've been aware of it in the last week or so--people emailing me from Hotmail accounts are getting this bounce: --- Reporting-MTA: dns;blu0-omc1-s10.blu0.hotmail.com Received-From-MTA: dns;BLU119-W5 Ar
  4. Bill--I've emailed you and PM'ed you and can't seem to get a response. I have another issue that I can't seem to get any real help on and I'd appreciate it if you'd contact me. Thanks Zach
  5. I greatly appreciate the honesty here and the explanations for what has gone on. Carl Noonan was very helpful in getting my issue w/ the missing blog entries taken care of and thankfully that issue seems to be resolved. At the moment there are no other outstanding problems I'm aware of. Thanks again and yes, I hope its smooth sailing from this point on.
  6. What is up with this whole Server 319 -> NewYork transition? Never before have I been the slightest bit nervous about the quality of service at TCH but I'm really starting to worry. The transition broke my custom MX records. Nobody told me before hand this would happen and I know me and some customers lost email because of it. Numerous accounts I had closed a long time ago re-appeared in WHM. Whatever downtime occurred yesterday made several of my webpages inaccessible for most of the day for many of my clients and I had to spend the whole day answering phone calls about it. And no
  7. I've been using variations of the MSA form mail script for years. I need to install it on a new website and I'm curious what the current, modern, as-secure-as-is-possible-today version of this script is? Or is there a different script someone can suggest? I'm just looking for a PHP form mail script, free obviously, and it doesn't need any special features. I just want something that I can feel relatively confident won't get used by spammers or get my account banned. Thanks! Zach
  8. I found this on A List Apart yesterday. It provides automated obfuscation of mailto links. You just install it (pretty simple) and then never have to think about it. http://www.alistapart.com/articles/gracefulemailobfuscation I don't know enough to determine how effective this solution is (there seems to be some disagreement in their comments) but I like the no-thought aspect of it. Note that if you download the zip, you have to fix several filenames--remove .txt from everything, htaccess is spelled wrong, and one file has a "," instead of a ".". Once I noticed all that it worked g
  9. Hmm...interesting. I just may do that, thanks!
  10. This has likely been asked in the past but I didn't see a response in my searches. First, is there some way to enable HTML emails in Horde that I'm missing? If not, as a semi-dedicated user, is it possible to turn it on for my account? Please please please!!!
  11. Do you mean are they using my server for their email? No, we're totally seperate.
  12. A friend of mine was trying to email me and kept getting a bounce back. He tried two different addresses (on different accounts but the same resller server) and kept getting this: >_____________________________________________ From: System Administrator Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 7:13 PM To: Floyd Warren Subject: Undeliverable: Hello Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: FW: Hello Sent: 1/26/2007 7:13 PM The following recipient(s) could not be reached: '(removed)@zrpweb.net' on 1/26/2007 7:13 PM 451 Dynamic/Resid
  13. This isn't exactly a TCH issue (so if it belongs in another forum please let me know) but I'm hoping maybe some of you can help. Short version, I've moved shelteringwings.org to an Exchange server for email. Web is still hosted elsewhere. This is not a TCH account. I had set my MX record to the new IP, and most email sent from anywhere began arriving. When I emailed it from my TCH-hosted email address it didn't work immediately but after an hour or so everything seemed fine. Yesterday we changed the MX record to a new IP when a firewall/VPN was installed. A day later I am still unable
  14. I posted here because it seemed like it wasn't a TCH issue but rather an ISP one. But I will do that, thanks.
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