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  1. Let me be one of the firsts to welcome you, and I hope you enjoy yourself here! If you ever need help, that's what we're here for!
  2. I'd say the easier way to change the file permissions would be through CPanel's file manager or through your FTP Client. As far as the FTP Clients go, it's diffrent in every program. You should have a setting somewhere for CHMODing. (try right clicking the file, or just searching for it through the documentation)
  3. Yes, welcome to the TotalChoice Hosting family! If you ever have any problems, just ask!
  4. Also, there is a very basic "WYSISYG" page editor built into CPanel's file manager. That should help you get your feet wet to say the least!
  5. http://www.urldir.com/bt/ This is a very cool site I just happened to run across while looking for alternative blogging software. (I'm really starting to loath MoveableType) It pulls up a list of the blogging software avaliable, be it b2 or Livejournal then goes a side by side comparison! Very handy, and it goes pretty in-depth! I just thought some of the fellow bloggers out there might find this to be a handy tool. Especially if you want to try an alternative system to meet your blogging needs. Let me know what you think!
  6. Aww cute indeed.. somebody pass the cigars around to Matman!
  7. No you can't.. This above was taken from the AUP and pretty much spells it out for you, if you want to do this, you must be a reseller. End of story.
  8. I have to agree with lstover on this one, and I'd take that subdomain down AS soon as possible unless you want to upgrade to a reseller account. If that's the case you need to put in a help desk ticket as soon as you read this. I'd consider this a fair warning. Have a nice day!
  9. borfast, good information, but I don't think anybody was confused about that. The answer was that you can't unzip .zip files in CPanel, because well of the above reasons given. Solution solved! Now everybody have a nice day..
  10. very cool, that should really help us out on the support end as well..
  11. Ask and ye' shall receive! TCH Rocks Just changed it over to the new and improved transparent logo! (Update) I also shrunk the little rocks with TCH on them, so they wouldn't blowup the responce screen. just think of 'em now as bite size! TCH Stones
  12. uh oh, i can see the gears turning around in Bill's head already!
  13. I think matman has it your problem exactly! Good job! I've also moved this topic from website reviews to HTML and CSS to avoid confusion to the other board viewers.
  14. Better yet, before you put up the support ticket, instead of using your FTP client to delete the folder, use the File Manager built into CPanel. 99.9% of the times its a hidden file that it says you can't delete, and you can't see it either. Just make sure you're not deleting anything important!
  15. Thanks for the heads up on this one! Damn hoaxes, gotta keep an eye out for 'em!
  16. Yeah, I gotta say BlueLagoon is #1! After looking at some of the other themes, and hearing the bad stories behind them, it should be a no brainer to pick what we've got right now.. Stability and organization wins out over looks and design!
  17. I heard from my inside sources that Bill was buying all the gurus brand new cars! No no no.. all the severs are now going to be solar powered to save the Earth! Okay.. this is it really.. free hosting for the one-millionth customer! Alright, I kid you not.. the first person to change their first born male son's name to Head Guru gets a lollypop!!! Okay, so maybe I don't know... <_<
  18. Hey you could always install e107! It's a pretty nice substitute for php-nuke, and it's easy as hell to install! e107's website Bill will be happy to see me spreading the good word about e107!
  19. As soon as we can get to it, we'll continue the installation of it on the rest of the servers.
  20. First off, yeah I'd just try signing up at a diffrent time if you got an error. Computers are bound to make mistakes a couple of times.. As far as SSH goes: taken straight from the help site! Hope that helps!
  21. My php knowlege is sparce to say the least, I'm just now learning more about it but I doubt you could use a wildcard there. That would be more like if you wanted to get every .gif file in the folder. I'd say try listing just all the diffrent image formats you can, or put in a sub title that you only accept a certain type of file, and create a "don't list" if it would be simpler. Hope this helps a little!
  22. Yeah I ran into that problem this morning, ehh I'll go back and do it again tommarow..
  23. adventureran, im getting a message that your site has been removed from the server?
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