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  1. Damn, talk about a dream part-time job! Too bad my CPannel skills are like beginer to intermediate and I don't know much about WHM. Other than that, I'd be a shoe in! Ohh well, always a bridesmaid never a bride..
  2. Real conversation, what's that?! I just hope the DVD burner contest doesn't end up being a reason for 50 new people to sign up at the boards, then never contribute around here.. then only show up when th next contest starts!
  3. Spreading the love, gotta love it! TCH Rocks
  4. maybe... *looks around innocently* Lets just see who else fallows my lead!
  5. There you have it, at as good of a resolution I can make due with right now. Love the contest idea, and good luck to everybody who enters!
  6. Exactly, leave the political discussions to the media and the "arm-chair" war generals out there. I just hope we can get through this a quickly as possible, and stand behind our troops that are putting their lives on the line. I share the thoughts and prayers already stated before me.
  7. As long as its okay on the servers, it's good news to hear! TCH definately knows how to spoil their clients!
  8. Thanks for the input.. If I decide to do it, I'm going to work hard to make it not so anoyingly out there in the open. No big flashing lights or blinking dog-dancing gifs around it..
  9. While you're waiting, you might want to take this issue to the Online Instant Support Chat. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web_host...ng_support.html There you can contact a support person to help you, since help desk isn't working. Chances are they won't be able to accept your cpannel password on here, to keep everybody from seeing it. So check there and hit 'em up with a message on AIM, Yahoo Messanger, or MSN Messanger. If you don't have any of these try the Online Operator. Hope this helps! (update) darn, Junior beat me to it! now that's some good support!
  10. Lately I've been thinking about including advertisements for my own pages inside my page. Confused? Let me see if I can explain... Say your looking at my bio page, since I have some extra white space on the right, I was thinking of putting a little link there linking to say, my feedback page. Does anybody think this is a good idea, or is too much promotion a bad thing? Please let me know what you guys think!
  11. Thanks for the information! I'll read though the official site later tonight...
  12. There are some people around here that are a few steps up in "professionalism" of web design than I am, so if you don't mind I just want to leak your brains for a little information. What would be the best way to go to get a copyright on my stuff? I'm not sure what direction I'd be taking this, its just I notice a lot of pages getting the "Copyright 2003" logos (and I know some of 'em are people just trying to give the impression their work is copyrighted ) and such on the bottom of their pages, and if it's not TOO aweful expensive I thought I might look into it, and see what levels of copyright there were, so I could see which one fit me the best.
  13. I'd say the best free ways would be submitting yourself to all the big search engines, and by word of mouth. Find some communities about your topic, and don't spam the people with advertising, but get in and know 'em then occassionally slide in a comment or two about the page. I know it's not much, but hope this helps you a little!
  14. I second that! This time around it was just a lapse of memory not to check the help site, you know still rather new and all. I like what's there though, and I'll add it to my many referances..
  15. Alrighty, sounds simple enough! I had looked through the "ReadMe" files for Matt's Form Mail before, so I could try to use that form mail script TCH offers in CPannel, but I got a little lost. Maybe second time is a charm though! I'll let you know how it turns out!
  16. Hey guys and gals of TCHosting, sorry I haven't been around much but site redesigns have kept me pretty darn busy. Hope you all like my snazzy new user icon over there by the way.. hehe! Okay, sorry about the chit-chat! I was really looking to see if anybody had any sugestions for me on making a feedback page on my site? I'd like to have it filled with such things as "Name" "E-mail Address" "What Do you like?" "What don't you like?" and things such as that, but I don't know the best way to go about it. I've always gone the cheeper path doing it through a free place like bravenet or some other ones who's names aren't coming to me right now, but this time around I'd like to do the majority of it myself, or find a good script that would e-mail me all of the information the user submits. So if anybody could send me some good resources, or at least point me in the right direction, I'd be one happy camper!
  17. Ohh man, I'd be happy if I could get one DSL line out here in the middle of nowhere! Hehe.. *kicks his dial-up modem*
  18. Gotta agree with ya there, now that I've tried a few of these, SmartFTP ended up being the one I went with. Now if I could just get over this mental block on site design, I'd be doing really good! *dives back into his HTML*
  19. Now I know this is the question people have struggled with online since the begining of the internet, but I thought I'd throw the question out there to see if anybody had some new sugestions. After doing the obvious, like submiting yourself to all the search engines, what's the best way to get yourself noticed online? Since converting my site into more of a "column-based" service, I've gone out trying to get a online column writter's possition, just to get my work on another public forum, but so far haven't had much success at all. Right now the majority of my viewers and readers are those that fallowed my livejournal for the past few months, and I'm begining to think (meaning no offense) that they're lazy. I mean, why go out and go to a diffrent page when you can get all your friends thoughts on your friends page? So if anybody has some good sugestions on making myself more "marketable" or to get myself known better out in that vast internet universe I'd be humble enough to offer many thanks to you and yours!
  20. Hmm, not sure if I know what's wrong but till one of the pros get to you, you might want to check out this thread about the new help desk... New Support Help Desk Hope this helps!
  21. Thanks! I'm going to go have all of these a look right now!
  22. Hey guys and gals! I was wondering if anybody could sugest a good, and free would be even better, FTP Client for me to use? Lately I've been having the trouble of not being able to delete a folder because it's got something inside it I can't see. I hope that maybe a better FTP client will keep me from having to bug the big guy in charge from having to just delete a silly folder for me.. Right now I'm using LeechFTP, most of it's written in German and has been actually discontinued by the creator.. ha.. Well, any sugestions are welcome, please help!
  23. Haha.. ohh yeah, Galaxy Quest rules! Maybe I'm just a sucker for Alan Rickman in funny parts...
  24. I got to agree! I was always afraid moving up to my own domain would be so cold and buisness-like, but in the week and a half or so I've been here I've been treated like family. It's nice to see how loyal and just all around good the fine folks of TCH.com are.. *tear* I love you guys!
  25. This is very cool, you can add me to the list of people who have added their signatures. My best friend is stationed in Kuwait right now, via the Army so I sent it to his Mother as well.. I got no problem with showing my appreciation for the good ol' USA and those who do what most people don't want to do, just to defend us.
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