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  1. I'm a Trillian Pro (2) user as well. The basic version (0.74) is really nice; I recommend it to all my friends, but I love the Pro version for the 'meta contacts' It allows you to make just one icon/name for each friend, even if they have multiple login names and IMs. It definitely reduces the clutter to be able to have just one program for all the interfaces, and just one name for each friend. Plus, the spellcheck, the email plugin, the rss feeds... I really hate to use anything but anymore. I highly recommend changing the default skin to Aikon, whether you need the one for th e free version (Aikon 2) or the paid version (Aikon 3).
  2. I'm a huge fan of HTML-Kit as well. It's one of those programs that is great whether you're new to webdesign or are an old hack. It has syntax highlighting, built in ftp capabilities, full featured text replace, colour picking.... I recommend it to anyone who will listen
  3. I had a very nice post typed up, and even copied it onto my clipboard before hitting "preview", as it's a habit I've picked up, and yet I still managed to lose it. One of those days nolageek, it's a little unintiutive, so don't feel bad. To make a skin un/available or change the default, you want to "edit it". You're in the right place by going to manage skins, and if you can see that it's successful, then you're seeing the table that contains the word "edit". Follow the link, and it's obvoius from there You can also change all users who are using a specific skin, to a new skin, without making it the default. This option is at the bottom of the "Manage Skins" page. For example, on one site I administrate, we have two skins that are almost identical, but one has larger text than the other. If I was to make a funky new skin, I'd make two versions again (easy fix, just update the css file). I'd move those who are using the regular one to my new one, those who are using the large one to my new large text one, and then reassign the default to the regular one. I might then remove or hide the old skins. If you hide a skin without reassiging the users who have chosen it, they will *still* be able to use that old skin.
  4. There's a simple work around if you know which program you want to use. Set up a subdomain to point directly to the email login page you want Choose from your options below, and then in cpanel create a a subdomain (such as webmail.yoursite.com) to point to the prefered email interface. Here are the important urls to remember (replacing yoursite.com with your actual domain name) If I recall the initial setup correctly, http://www.yoursite.com/webmail points to http://www.yoursite.com:2095/, which is the insecure login. You can also reach the secure login at https://www.yoursite.com:2096/, but I have found that I get a warning because my domain name isn't the one that's certified. If you want to link directly to horde, you can do so via http://yoursite.com:2095/horde/index.php or the secure server https://yoursite.com:2096/horde/index.php. The same holds true for neomail at http://www.yoursite.com:2095/neomail/neomail.pl and https://www.yoursite.com:2096/neomail/neomail.pl I like that TCH offers us the choice, but once I made my choice, I preferred one-click convenience.
  5. Mikey, you've commented in another thread that you have noticed db problems with invisionboard, and Head Guru has mentioned plans to convert these forums to vBulletin. Personally, I'm happy with the performance I've experienced from invisionboard, both in the last three months as an administrator, and previously as a moderator. I know my fellow admins feel the same way, and our members have been very pleased with the software. In addition, I'm not inclined to devote the time and energy necessary to convert to and customize new forums, nor would we be able to afford vBulletin without asking our members for donations. Our main concern about moving our site is, "will we be able to keep our forums up and active?" We know that we fall within the storage space and bandwidth of the lowest available plan, but we don't have the technical knowledge to know whether or not we'd be experiencing other problems, such as causing too many database queuries or having incompatibilities with invisonboard/mySQL. The group that recommended that host to us was just asked to leave recently, because their forums were making too many queries, even though their use has only increased minimally over the last 8 months. They've been told by their new host that their levels are very normal, and mostly caused by an indexing problem (with vB) which he helped them repair. We've been told that the problems we're experiencing with the database is because invisionboard "does not work well with MySQL4", even though the answers we're finding does not support that. So, again, I ask, just to be sure.... If we move our site here, can we be reasonably assured that our forums will work correctly? Here's some information that I gathered that I think will help you understand our use. Let me know what's important and if there's any other data I can collect. Ceiling Averages based on invisionboard's "Statistic Center" 750 private messages sent 3000 posts per month 75000 page views per month. SQL Runtime Information Bytes_received 47087607 Bytes_sent 2247820410 Com_update 2204312 Connections 1534443 Created_tmp_disk_tables 135562 Created_tmp_tables 999507 Key_blocks_used 375052 Key_read_requests 687076501 Key_reads 8182868 Key_write_requests 23139003 Key_writes 2147180 Max_used_connections 94 Qcache_hits 14991842 Qcache_free_memory 17442520 Qcache_free_blocks 5320 Qcache_total_blocks 24031 Select_scan 2522144 Threads_created 16583 By the nature of discussions, our forum use varies. We have days where there are more than 50 member connected at once, but also long periods with less than 10 at any given time. We expect the use to spike a bit over the next four weeks, and then dwindle down until the next increase in September.
  6. That kind of makes me laugh. Not your fault, of course, but because we chose that company because of it's good tech support; it was more expensive than other places offering similar packages. Not only could we see a lot of help being given through the forums, but we were friendly with a group that ran a site similar to ours that had fabulous experience with them. That was the main reason for choosing them; because we knew that they'd be able to support our size and needs, and that they provided good tech support in practice as well as on the forums. I require different guarantees for my personal site that will get just a small number of visitors, then for our forums that are still growing rapidly at 500 members. Unfortunately, things change, and a site that offers great technical support one month, isn't always as great a few months down the road. The tech team here also comes across situations where it's not worth it for them to host a site because it uses up too many resources or has too particular needs as far as the software they require, even when a site otherwise fits within their contract. I do think our host was being unreasonable, but I'm also aware that it's common practice from hosting companies, and there's really no way to be sure that it won't happen to us again in the future as long as we're not using our own dedicated servers. A bit of a price jump required for that, though
  7. Thanks, guys. Jimuni, I've already got a site hosted here, and I was assuming that from the use of invisionboard on the forums that the tech team is aware of what was going on and how to fix it. We just want to be sure of that before we move, so we don't get stuck with the same problems. Mikey, that's the kind of answer I was looking for As long as there's someone on staff here whose aware of it, so we won't lose our boards again. I've been doing a semi-regular backup since the site started, and a daily backup since we started getting errors. Our host has refused to run any more repairs, stating that the problem is with the way that invisionboard works with MySQL and that he's not inclined to fix it. Well, publically he's said that he already fixed it, but when it wasn't complete, and we asked about it again, he let us know that we should start looking for another host. Which just pushed up our deadline anyhow, because we were planning on moving at the end of the pay schedule.
  8. My current host for another site is asking us to move, as he's unwilling to support our "invisionboard errors". With his recent CPanel upgrade, the database is becoming corrupted, and when he "runs a repair" the problems often multiply. CPanel has released another update to solve this problem, and we've been told by posters at invisionboard that the main issue is to make sure that PHP is using the libs from mySQL instead of it's own. We'd like to move here, but we'd like to be sure that we won't run into the same problems with accessing our forums. Can anyone help us understand the situation, and let us know what we can expect here?
  9. Sorry, I got the programs that I was using to update my files confused. When I connect via HTML-Kit (it includes ftp), I get the errors "TP > 550 articles: Permission denied" and "FTP - Could not change the directory. (893)" Smart-FTP gives me the error "550 /public_html/articles: Permission denied" when I attempt to chmod. The file layout on the left hand side shows the "articles" as an icon with an exclamation mark over the folder. I'm not sure if this helps, but the error page I get through IE looks like this:
  10. I'm having a similar problem with chmod, although I'm not using PostNuke. I've been writing my own database program, and need to be able to create and write to flat files within a directory. I changed the permissions on the folder to "666" and am now no longer able to view it through my browser. To complicate matters, when I try to change the permissions back within SmartFTP I get booted from my session, and when I try to change the permissions within the cpanel FileManager, they just set to "660" which is what they are apparently at now. Any suggestions/solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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