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  1. I wish I could help but don't know the answer. I saw your message in my guestbook. As of this weekend, I'm a Dreamweaver person. I love Frontpage and was doing pretty good with it, I was just teaching myself with how to books and help here but I found my sites were messed up in other browsers. I've gone to Dreamweaver and have 2 sub domains up in it and it looks good in all browsers and has been as easy to learn as FP and with Don's help I got thru FTP uploading pretty easy. I'm figuring my biggest chore will be tackling a guestbook in DW as FP was so easy, I'm not so sure DW will be. Good Luck! Joly
  2. Don, It worked! And I have two sub domains in dreamweaver and they look pretty good in all browsers. Firefox changes somethings but not too bad. IE and Netscape looks great. Dreamweaver is the answer for me. I spent all day on it, as my satellite dish lost connection & is not fixable over the phone, will be awhile before a tech comes out so I had major computer time today. The first sub domain I loaded is a very simple one I made to share pics at cat message board, they have to have a url to post pics so that's what I'll use it for. The other is my memorial page to Jill. I'll be working on my others soon as time permits but I truly love dreamweaver and your help for FTP worked perfect! What would I do with out you and TCH? I would have given up a long time ago! Joly Rock Sign jill.my-birman-noelle.com sharepics.my-birman-noelle.com
  3. You're a treasure Don! Thanks so much!!! Joly
  4. I've got one of my sub domains in DW now and hopefully this weekend will publish it to the web with FTP. I've been reading the DW posts on FTP and my how to book but 2 questions: 1) Right now what I have up is done with Frontpage. Do I need to do anything other that FTP to get my sites up when I get them into DW? Anything with the CPanel? 2) When I FTP to a sub domain, do I use subdomain.**** or www.****/subdomain as the host directory? Thanks! Joly
  5. joly

    Firefox 0.9

    I downloaded it last night to see what its like and I like it! Joly
  6. Thanks so much Jim! I loaded the Dreamweaver MX 2004 last night to my computer and "looked" at it and am still reading on my how to book. I think I'm really going to like it! I can't wait to start using it. I also found the how to book I really wanted off Amazon for under $13 rather than $44 at the store and I ordered a CD on How to Master Dreamweaver MX 2004. So I think I'm off to a good start LOL but knowing me I'll get stuck somewhere along the way and will be lookin' for ya! I just love this place and everyone here! Why someone would choose a different host is beyond me! Have a great day! Joly Rock Sign
  7. I just notice this this morning and can't get logged in, server is busy. I had purchased extra storage space so I get 2gb now! Just wish I could get in to read my mail! It could be our company servers too, who knows, will keep trying. Joly
  8. Whoa....Jim, that's over my head! LOL Not sure what you mean. I'll be doing a new sub domain at the end of the month, first of July so that is going to be my first project in DW. My main site and a couple other sub domains are already up in FP. I was just going to in my spare time, re create them in DW. I thought that would be less confusing for me and give me good practice with DW. My sites are not fancy by any means, but eventually will want them all in DW. Will that work out ok? Thanks! Joly www.my-birman-noelle.com purrcity.my-birman-noelle.com jill.mybirman-noelle.com newsletter1.my-birman-noelle.com
  9. No, I understand what you said. I just wanted to make sure one sub domain could be FP and another DW. I'm slow on creating so I know it will take awhile to redo what's already been done. This way I can start my new subs in DW and in my extra time (LOL) start on redoing the others. Thanks a bunch! Joly
  10. Yes, that was what I was wondering, if I could leave up what I have in Frontpage for now. I have a new newsletter for summer due July 1 and prefer to do it in Dreamweaver and was hoping that I could publish it under a new sub domain name but leave my previous one up and website (in FP) until I can redo them in Dreamweaver. Hope I'm saying that right, some would be in Front Page, some in Dreamweaver. It would be the current website and sub domains would be in Frontpage, but any new sub domains would be in Dreamweaver but they can all stay up and be viewed. Does that make sense? Thanks! Joly
  11. I went to bed reading my Dreamweaver book last night, think I will like it. Got a question, since my website and 3 sub domains are built in Frontpage 2003 and I publish thru Frontpage, if I build another sub domain and build it in Dreamweaver and publish it however thru Dreamweaver, is it possible to have my website and sub domains up on the web with some using Frontpage and others Dreamweaver or do they all have to be one or the other? I'm just wondering, I'd like to get them all rebuilt with Dreamweaver but wondering if anything new can be put up using Dreamweaver and leaving the others til I get them rebuilt with Dreamweaver. Also I'm assuming whatever I build in Dreamweaver if I do it right it will work with all browsers and look the same. Thanks again! Joly
  12. Thanks for all this input! On the higher resolution I just have extra blank space to the side, so it doesn't hurt it any. One title moved and its probably because I didn't put it in a layer like I did the others. Boy the type is smaller at this resolution...makes me feel like I need stronger contacts LOL I guess its called "old age" Choices, Choices! What would I do without all of you? I'm definitely going to be a life time member here! I keep reading posts about people moving their sites here and that's great, but I see their questions and problems etc and think "Boy, I'm glad I don't have to ever worry about that, I'm not ever leaving!" Joly
  13. Wow! Annie, I just checked my resolution here and you're right! I'm sure the one at work is what you say. I changed mine here at home to see what it would do, big difference. What is the common one for most people? Which is the common for a site to be built with? Thanks! Joly
  14. Gosh, it was hard to come up for a title for this question. I have a 15 in Flat Panel monitor here at home where I do my website. I have a 21 in regular monitor at work. When building my site I do what looks good on my home monitor (the layout and all). If I look at my site at work, things are moved a bit and not in line if I'm looking at it full screen, if I make the window smaller things get back in alignment. Is this normal or am I not creating it right or have I missed a step. I know a 21" monitor is probably not the "norm" but I'm just curious if I missed a step. I have 2 how to books (I'm addicted to how to books) but don't really see anything that pertains to this. Of course I get the books that are not super difficult either so I'm sure not everything is addressed in them. Happy Sunday! Joly (who hopes to curl up this afternoon with her Dreamweaver how to book)
  15. Now see what you all did!!! You have my curiousity up about Dreamweaver so I had to go get a How to Book today and will have to play with the program abit! LOL I'm still going to finish up my site with Frontpage for now but for the near future....I'm thinking Dreamweaver. Joly
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