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  1. Rob, Thank you for the answer but, I think you did not understand me (or lets say I was not clear in explanation). The domain name was registered correctly ..... But than when I was asking for the hosting ....then I mistyped another name. Anyway, when I was writing to you I have got a message from TCH support that everything is corrected and will be on place after 2-3 days. Actually I am amazed with the speed of the support team!! Absolutely great. Gord
  2. Thank you Guys !!!!!! Yes Andy, you are correct and I am writing to the support site right now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUICK ASSISTANCE
  3. Tracy, thanks for the Welcome message. Well, I've got the confirmation for the domain www.mmydomain.com (incoreect one). They want be able to park it because it does not exist ... So what can I do now....? gord
  4. Thank you, So I guess it means yes .... I have bought a domain - **** (also from TCH)... but I accidentally paid for the mmydmain.com (which does not exist). Thus do I have to contact helpdesk or wait for the confirmation (they call it Welcome Email ) and then just simply "park" it to the new name? I am really new with this ... sorry Gord
  5. Please help ! I have just purchased the Silver Package for the web hosting from TCH. But when I was filling the form I have misspelled my domain name and payed the money ... Question - .... Will it be possible to change to the correct one later or not??? Sorry for the stupid question .... thank you Gord
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