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  1. I am getting ready to transfer my site over to TCH. I am planning on adding audio and video clips on my site, with several 2-5 minute clips and possibly a 15-min video clip. How do I figure out how much bandwidth will be used? Is it per-minute? Size of file? number of times viewed? Is there a calculation or rule of thumb to use?
  2. Thanks for your quick response! If I choose the resellers package, I assume my current main site marymarcdante.com would be the parent site. Will my #2 (mymothermyfriend.com - currently parked on mm home page) and #3 site (mysmilediet.com)still retain their original domain names or do they become "subdomains" such as mysmilediet.marymarcdante.com? I want them to retain their original names. I'm smiling!
  3. I have two sites (A - marymarcdante.com, B - mysmilediet.com) with two different hosts and a third domain - mymothermyfriend.com forwarded to site A home page. Site A is 50MB and has a shopping cart and 10 email addreses. Site B links to site A. Questions: Q1) Is it possible to avoid downtime and if not, how long would down time be? Q2) What steps in what order do I take to create a seamless transfer of my sites to TCH? Thanks for your help!
  4. I am blown away by the positive responses! Thank you!
  5. I have one website with two subsites. One subsite has its own domain name pointed to the home page of my parent site. The other subsite is simply several pages houses within my parent site without its own domain name. I am considering making each of these subsites standalone sites and linking them to my parent site for two reasons: 1) To make it easier for customers to click only once; 2) For better search engine optimization. All sites would link to one shopping cart. Would you recommend becoming a reseller to do this or buying individual plans?
  6. I am considering switching from my current webhost because of poor phone and email service and response time. Your email responses on this board seem timely and thorough (and encouraging and fun ! Thanks), but if I have a problem that is not an emergency, I noticed there's no phone contact. If I have a problem that can't be solved by email, how do I talk to a real person by phone?
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