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  1. I tried editing a file in Cpanel file manager and I got a fatal error when trying to save. I tried uploading a replacement file via an FTP client it gave me an error. I tried deleting the file through my FTP client and could not. What gives?
  2. and I've already seen and done it just like those instructions.
  3. Yeah, the test forum was the same. the major difference was the subdirectory names and the amount of data.
  4. The only mods I have are to the themes, not the data itself. Yeah I have posted at the SMF forum too. but that was before I figured out the password problem. I will go back there and see if they have any ideas.
  5. added the phpbb user to the smf database and added the smf user to the phpbb database. Nothing. Arrgg..
  6. OK, I did the exact same thing in the REAL forum and it gave me the same error. Weird.
  7. Cool! OK I tried that in a "Test" forum and it worked. Thanks. now I can do it on the real thing. thanks a million.
  8. I'll try. Not sure I know exactly HOW, but we will see.
  9. Ok, maybe it wasn't encrypted. i used the password from the SMF setting file. it gave me a different error. Sorry, the database connection information used in the specified installation of SMF cannot access the installation of phpBB2. This may either mean that the installation doesn't exist, or that the MySQL account used does not have permissions to access it. The error MySQL gave was: SELECT command denied to user 'myname_smf1'@'localhost' for table 'phpbb_users'
  10. P.S. The password in the config is encrypted.
  11. It says I need the password for the SMF database
  12. When I created the forum through Fantastico it created the database. It did ask for a password then and I used that password. I also tried my regular admin password.
  13. Forgive me if this is already answered somewhere else. And forgive me if I should have asked in a different section. I am trying to convert my phpBB2 forum to SMF. I already have a phpbb2 forum active. I created an SMF forum under the same domain. I downloaded the converter from SMF. When I go to run the converter it asks for my password to the SMF database. I entered all the passwords I would have possibly used and it keeps saying wrong password. My question is this? Does TC give the database a different password? How do I find the password of my database? My admin password doesn't work.
  14. if I check the stats for my subdomain http://gas.guitarforum.net does it also count the stats for http://guitarforum.net/gas ? Or is it ONLY those who are pointed via the subdomain? What if it gets switched from the sub.domain to domain/sub after they navigate to the site?
  15. I too am interested in how to do this. I have a subdomain gas.guitarforum.net that gets switched to guitarforum.net/gas automatically. This can cause problems with cookies.
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