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  1. Hi, I currently have three domains and up until a month or so ago three hosting packages. Two with TCH and one with another company. The one at the other company was really just a static page that gave my contact details. I paid $6 a year for 10Mb storage and 1Gb monthly transfer (Plus a few other normal things; email etc.). I recently moved all my packages onto my main TCH account and redirected the domains to the public_html folder. What I really would like to do is have three suddomains and each domain point to their respective folder. Now I know I can't do that without purchasing a Resellers Account but the jump in price is just too much for personal non-profit sites. I found a host that for $100 a year allows you 1.5Gb storage, 35Gb monthly bandwidth and 30 domains (Plus the usual other stuff; Cpanel, Mysql, php etc etc). With that in mind I would like TCH to consider a proposal and also hear what other TCH users think of the idea. A personal Multi-Domain account. The ability for users to have a limited (3 or 4) doamins on one account. The domains must not be for commercial use (maybe Non-profit?) and would simply share the storage and bandwidth. My prefered option would be something similar to the above structure, but I'm sure Bill et all would sit down and do the math. My argument is this: I simply can't justify spending $55 a year on a site that will only use 15Mb of storage and have less than a 1Gb of bandwidth per YEAR. The Silver plan offers great value but not if you only use a very small fraction of it. I fully understand the need to have special resellers account but what about people who don't actually resell their space, why not have something just for personal use? So, there you have it. What do you think?
  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll upgrade ASAP. Looks like I'll have to upgrade it manually because it's not in a top level directory! (I moved it from another domain. Maybe I'll move it to top level then upgrade it. What do you think is best? TIA Phillip
  3. Thanks for the assurance. I know you guys know what you are doing but it never hurts to ask. Phillip
  4. HI, A number of phpBB forums and Wordpress installations I regularly visit have recently been hacked, apparently it's something to do with their hosts upgrading their php version but not their zend optimzer. I run both Wordpress and phpBB and would be grateful for some reassurance that I am safe here at TCH. Phillip
  5. Just out of curiosity what would happen if somebody set up a domain, for example *ttp://www.justemail.com, at TCH and only used it to sell email accounts. I can’t see much benefit myself, except that it would be pop3, but with Hotmail giving 250Mb and Gmail 1Gb it would hardly be worth it. Is it covered in the TOS?
  6. Thanks for the reply, I was really just attempting to stop them trying to spider pages that no longer exist. I'm happy for them to spider, but I might follow up the idea of removing the no-longer existing pages from their index. Thanks again. Phillip
  7. HI, I've googled for the answer but couldn't find it. Is it possible to have the following text in my robots.txt file? User-agent: * Disallow: *.shtml Disallow: *.cgi Disallow: *.html Disallow: *.htm I've had quite a few different versions of my site that used different extensions and now that I'm happy with WordPress I want to stop the wasted resources. /EDIT/ It's always the same, just after you post a question you find the answer! Just in case other readers are interested, the googlebot supports wildcard files but it's not standard. Looks like I'll need to find another way, maybe htacess. TIA Phillip
  8. Alan, No the permissions , if that's what you mean, seemed to stay the same. One thing I forgot to do was add some kind of error catch, so I edited the htacccess file and added this line: ErrorDocument 404 http://www.blazebolden.com/index.html Which simply catches all 404s and sends them to the index page. Fortunately the site I was moving was pretty simply.
  9. The move has been made and everything went smoothly. For those of you that are interested here's how I did it. 1. Created a new folder within my root of the destination domain. 2. FTP'd exact folder structure and files into new folder. 3. Backed up dbs. 4. Created new dbs in the new domain. 5. Uploaded the back ups mentioned above. 6. Edited certain settings with the db tables (Domain names, folder locations etc.) 7. Edited config.php files for my phpBB forum and my Coppermine gallery. 8. Edited a few .htm files to update the links. 9. Checked everything was working. (Seems OK atm) 10. Renamed ALL old folders on old site to avoid direct linking. 11. Uploaded new index page explaining the move and giving new address. I chose not to forward visitors automatically. Hopefully that will either help somebody considering doing something similar or at least ease their mind as to how difficult it could be. Thanks to all the people who replied. Phillip
  10. Yes, they are both hosted on TCH.
  11. Exactly what I was thinkiing. I'm more than comfortable moving the files via FTP, it was the dbs that I was really concerned about.
  12. Hi, I have two websites hosted at TCH and I want move one to become a subdomain to the other one. Once the move is complete I will change the DNS to point to the root of the second site, I know I can't point it to a subdomain unless I have either a dedicated server or a resellers account. I plan to let the domain name expires (Feb 05) and just put a prominent link on the index page. I have a number of questions. 1. Is this something I can do via Cpanel or do TCH need to do this? 2. Once the move is made I will need to change a few details in the phpbb forum db, will it appear automatically in MYphpAdmin? 3. I have used the word "move" but what I really mean is copy. Can TCH/I copy the files across, leaving the original ones working, before changing my DNS? Obviously I will need to make a few changes to the links within the site but have I forgotten anything? TIA Phillip
  13. I take your point about MT. But what about the people who are COMPLETELY new to this kind of stuff? I'm a little worried that readers have slightly misunderstood my reason for posting. I know that TCH is blog friendly (I host a WP installation here), what I was trying to suggest was that maybe potential customer might not know that TCH is blog friendly. When you visit TCH's index page there's nothing about blogs (If there is I apologise now, but the fact I couldn’t find it maybe illustrates something). Now I know that you can’t promote to every type of potential customer but all it needs is one link under “Want more from your host?” This would link to a separate page that explains how easy it is to host your blog at TCH. I’m sure many members would happily post testimonials about the quality of service. I know I would. If I was a potential customer and had relatively little experience with the Internet and hosting I would probably sign up with one of the other companies that are targeting bloggers. I may be happy with this host but I bet I would be happier at TCH. It’s a huge market and I have so much respect for how TCH treat their customers I want to try and send a few more their way. My one line conclusion: I’m not questioning TCH’s friendliness but suggesting new ways of presenting that friendliness to match different types of customers.
  14. That is so cool. You can even save your creation and download them from a gallery.
  15. My recommendation is WordPress. I know it's considered blogging software but at its core it is a simple CMS. You can easily remove the date display (As I have), each story can be assigned any number of catergories, it's easy to make it look nice, (Excerpts of stories, ability to decide exactly how large each page/chapter is), has a built in search function and the ability for readers to post comments (if you want them to), it's easy to add images to the stories. Simple to install (Generally 5 mins), free and plenty of support. It uses one Db make it easy to backup and it's designed for text. Visit my page to see my simple implementation of the software. I'll happily help you install it and start you on the road to customizing it. hth Phillip
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