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  1. What's up with the unni server, I don't even see it in the server status list?? Thanks Lee
  2. Hi Mike Sending spam to the account, sometimes get 200 e-mails a day. Thanks Lee
  3. I have an account e-mail that the spammers have found out about. Any suggestions short of deleting the account and creating a new one to stop this. Thanks Lee
  4. Alex Thanks for the reply, I do just that the next time I see a bounced mail reply. May not be until later today or tomorrow. Thanks again Lee
  5. Hi All Just wondering if there is any way to stop the spammers from using my e-mail account. I see lots of mail rejection notices now and it is obvious that it is spammers from the message. I posted a ticket on this with the help desk and they said to change the password on the account, I did to a random 12 character PW and I still see the problem. Can anything be done to stop this???? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks Lee
  6. What is up with RoundCube, I really like this program, and I really miss it. Is it coming back??? Thanks Lee
  7. Bill you are the best, keep up the great work for all of us. Thanks Lee
  8. I just checked my cPanel and what to my wondering eyes do I see but the upgrade, and I did nothing. I hope that the next time I make a yearly payment it is at the new price, I find it very reasonable at $55 a year, that would only be $11 more then what I pay now. Thanks Again Bill Lee
  9. Bill Great news, what is the best way to upgrade, I now have the old Starter Plan and would like to upgrade to the new Silver Plan. Do I just contact accounting?? Thanks Lee
  10. Thank You very much Tina for the answer and please excuse me if I came across as rude, all I wanted was some sort of answer and now I have it. Thanks again Lee
  11. Bruce This is the response I got from them: Hi, You can view the updates regarding the server in our forums using the link below, http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums Regards, Bobby Adams Technical Support, TotalChoiceHosting, LLC. So I am going around in circles with this, because nothing is in the forum about this for the Don server, I even asked there and got no real answer. All I want to know is if this is going to be done and maybe when. I don't think this is to much to ask. After reading the article about this I was pleased to see that TCH was maybe going this way, cuts down a lot of support tickets, also makes the site more succure. Thanks Lee
  12. Hi I don't know if this is the correct place for this but if not it can be moved. My problem is this, the software that I am using for my web site is glFusion. When I install the core product and updates the file ownership is me, because I unzip the files in a temp directory and copy them over to the correct directory with File Manager in cPanel. But this program has a very nice feature of doing an automated install of added plugins, and when these are added the file ownership is the web server, so I have problems in changing the permissions of some files and directories. Awhile back you had a blog about deploying suPHP on some servers to help with this issue of ownership. What I would like to know is, is suPHP ever going to be installed on the Don server (my site is on this server), all I am looking for is an answer, but have not been able to get one. Thanks Lee
  13. Dave Look at glfusion.org, you will be pleasently surprised by how good it is. It has it all but you only need to use what you want, and the Media Gallery is first class. Very good support as well. Thanks Lee
  14. Hi All I have tried to get a redirect to a under_construction page but it does not seem to work. What I have and done: Domain is "loonsecho.net" with subdirectory "lfp" - I want to redirect this "www.loonsecho.net/lfp/" to "www.loonsecho.net/under_construction" When I try the cPanel re-direct option it does not work for me. I have tried with/without wildcard checked. Here is attachment showing cPanel entry: Can anyone help. Lee
  15. Bill I don't really know where to begin. This is a wonderful feature for the users and from what you stated in the previous post that this is not a feature most budget hosting companies offer. Nice to know I chose the best host in the business. Lee
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