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  1. So if you got good enough, you could answer the phone before it rang? lol
  2. I'd install that mod I've actually given thought to writing a "contact form" mod much like every other forum package out there uses, just haven't had the time. I know there's been talk of one before but the developers didn't seem to interested in coding this.
  3. vBulletin is available as an owned license, and is actually cheaper than IPB. The "pay annually" that you speak of is for updates and support. Note that IPB also charges annually for updates and support. They both charge the same amount ($30) for this. However, the initial license of vB is cheaper ($160 vs $185 for IPB). Just wanted to clarify that for you so you have all the information necessary to make your decision. Personally I use SMF. I have 3 SMF boards running on TCH servers, and am curious what problems you have with running SMF on TCH servers? I've never experienced any problems or issues.
  4. (That should be "Psychedelic"... sorry I'm a spelling freak) Mind-blowing
  5. I didn't know you wanted to grow up Dave... lol, just kidding. Congratulations Paul! Looking forward to another thousand posts from you.
  6. Always love a good laugh first thing in the morning
  7. I'm game for my virtual account, better not on my reseller
  8. Indeed, thinking that your system is safe in any default configuration (unless you use OpenBSD, even then you shouldn't overlook security) is a bad idea. Users these days expect stuff to "Just Work" , and that requires vendors relaxing security features so users don't complain about things like "Why do I need an administrator account to install this program?". I'm unfortunate, but that's how things are. Personally, I still love a Mac It's got Unix-based underpinnings with a sexy interface. You can't get much better than that...
  9. He's building it under my place (which is in the Arizona desert... too much water just isn't a problem here)
  10. Looks like a good spot for a very secure data center And to think I've been using AutoCAD all these years for my 3D work... I'll try it out when I get home later.
  11. If I was forced (at gunpoint mind you) to use an IE core, I'd have to go with NetCaptor. Probably the best IE-based browser out there (as well as the first to actually include "tabbed browsing" if I remember correctly). However, I prefer Opera No extentions necessary, everything works "out of the box". 9.0 includes many features that make most sites that used to die in Opera work wonderfully (even gmail works perfectly). So I'll stick with it.
  12. There's quite a few happy SMF users here (myself, I have 3 boards). So if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Also, the SMF forums on their website are helpful as well.
  13. Went fine for me as well. This is the copy of Windows that came installed on my laptop, so if I did have problems... when then Toshiba would have some 'splaining to do. As for using Linux... why not? Personally, I prefer BSD. It's got that happy median.
  14. Tried that, but I had a problem... I couldn't figure out how to access it while at work. Seriously, what would we do without you around here?
  15. Thanks for the link to KeePass Tim. I may have to try it out. Personally I've been using a text file encrypted by Blowfish Advanced CS (http://www.lassekolb.info/bfacs.htm) using the Twofish algorithm (love Bruce's work btw) and a randomly-generated key file (which I keep on my USB memory stick... people often ask why I have it with me everywhere I go and never let it out of my sight).
  16. I'll agree with Paul here. If you don't want to pay for a licence for IPB (or vB for that matter), there's always phpBB or SMF (personally I recommend SMF but that's a matter of preference)
  17. I almost forgot, they do also have a free version which includes the text and visual editors. See more here: http://www.coffeecup.com/free-editor/
  18. Personally I use CoffeeCup HTML Editor. I have for years. It's not free ($49), however you get free upgrades for life. It has both visual and non-visual (ie WYSIWYG and notepad-like) editing. It comes with several small "snippets" of commonly used HTML code as well. Have a look-see yourself: http://www.coffeecup.com/html-editor/
  19. Basically in the file given (page.php) on line 5, PHP found a ")" where it shouldn't have. This doesn't just happen on its own. Did you recently change your theme? You may want to view the source of that page, and double-check line 5 and find the culprit (in this case, an extra ")") and get rid of it.
  20. Nebraska huh? Used to live in Omaha (until about 7 months ago). At any rate, a validator would be key. It'll tell you everything that's wrong and why.
  21. Glad to be of help! I've got 3 SMF boards running, so if you ever need any help, be sure to ask. I know there are others here running SMF to.
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