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  1. Could you be more specific My server is ragnarok so what do I put as the address? ragnarok.tch.com? sftp.ragnarok.tch.com? For my user name do I put name@ragnorak.com cannot seem to get it working, I have selected port 22 I am trying to connect via dreamweaver.
  2. Hi I went to my cpanel, created an FTP account and then chose the option to configure FTP client (cyberduck for mac). The instruction show 2 options, sftp and ftp however I am only presented 1 option which is ftp (I see no sftp option). I have attached 2 screenshots: myserver: screenshot from my cpanel instructions: screenshot of the instruction (which so both ftp and sftp option). Wayne
  3. yes it seems I was sending to the wrong location, thanks for your help. Wayne
  4. Hi, I have sent an email to the help desk but no reply in 3 days. I have an account associated with my domain (call it domain1.ca). This is a starter account so very basic. I want my other registered domain (call it domainother.ca) to point to domain.ca I don't want a second directory, I just need anyone going to domainother.ca to actually go to domain.ca I am not sure how to do this and suspect I have to enter an A record but not sure. Can you advise? I have already entered the TCH domain name server info for both domains and my domain registrar. Thanks Wayne
  5. Thank, I will try. I first searched the forums and found lots of posts that said sFTP no longer allowed so did not even try.
  6. Hi I need to give access to my web designer to upload my site however I do not want to give him access to my entire cpanel where, if I am reading the posts correctly, you have to go to securely upload files. I was planning on giving him FTP access but I see there is no option for sFTP. I am not comfortable sending passwords over plain text but looks like that is the only option. Am I missing something or is there another way? He could give them to me to upload but as he is troubleshooting, doing edits etc. I would not want to have to constantly have him to email files to me, me upload, him check, and on and on. Thanks in advance Wayne
  7. Thanks so much for the fast reply I found my problem, this does not show up if you use Safari on the mac, when I switched to firefox, I see the html editor icon and it works. Wayne
  8. I recall that once there was a wysiwyg editor via cpanel however all I see now is code editior and text editor. I want to give my clients an easy way to edit there files (they are not webpage savy so the wysiwyg editor was ideal) wayne
  9. I used all the tools I could find in the admin section and the number of increments was adjusted but then stays the same again, ie I would have to constantly run the tool to recalculate everthing. Will wait to see if something comes from the SMF site forum but nothing so far
  10. I posted on the smf forum but no replies so far. thanks anyways
  11. Running the latest SMF forum (1.1.3) not sure if only after I upgraded to 1.1.3 or not but just noticed the count for the number of posts per user has stopped incrementing (number of posts stays the same) anyone know where to look to fix this? tried smf site but cannot find anything.
  12. Well my problem just came back. Currently I have only about 4 pages using the same user,whereas for the last few years I have had 80+ and have never had this error. I am suspecting that something is certainly wrong with some settings. Anyone else run into this problem? I am on server 365 i have submitted another help desk ticket but wondered if the community at large could offer any insights.
  13. Well my problem re-appeared today. Confusing since I only have two forms up at the moment while most of the year I have about 20 going at once and have never had this problem before. Help desk has told me to make sure I am closing my db sessions and not using persistent connections. Here is the code I am using. Would appreciate if someone can have a look to see if I am overlooking something. $hostname_mydbconnection = "localhost"; $database_mydbconnection = "xxxxxxxxx"; $username_mydbconnection = "xxxxxxx"; $password_mydbconnection = "xxxxxxx"; $mydbconnection = mysql_connect($hostname_mydbconnection , $username_mydbconnection , $password_mydbconnection ) or die(mysql_error()); bunch of code that reads, inserts data to the database At the end of the page I have: <?php mysql_free_result($Recordset1); mysql_close($mydbconnection ); ?> ************** So I thought that this should end the connection and that this page can be reloaded as often as necessary without problems. Am I missing something? Help desk did say that they have reset the mysql connections however not sure if this will happen again. When it does, all my forms stop working. Thanks
  14. OK did some research and have added mysql_close(); to the bottom of my pages, hope this solves the problem
  15. Thanks Andy I have this at the bottom of the page, is this what you mean? <?php mysql_free_result($Recordset1); ?> My understanding (limited) was that this closed the session so I should not have this problem.
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