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  1. I'll second the comments on Joomla. I've been tinkering with it for some time, however haven't yet come up with another project for which to use it (yet).
  2. That's a nice lookin forum you have Lee.
  3. That will involve editing the theme. You'll have to upload the image you want to use and change the code in the theme that points to that image. Not sure if there is a tutorial on that; you may want to check over at the SMF support forums at http://www.simplemachines.org/community/
  4. 3, but I've always got ideas for more. Also, just curious Thomas, how hot is it in Sweden?
  5. I personally used the phpBB to SMF converter a long while back when I was moving to SMF. It was very easy, and except for an early-on bug (which I believe was fixed) that duplicated a few random posts, I experienced no issues. Can't speak for the IPB converter though. Has anyone converted IPB to SMF?
  6. Let us know if you need any assistance in the setup or operation of SMF. I know there are several others here at TCH using SMF, and we're all willing to help.
  7. SMF is, as I understand it, the continuation of the YaBB project. I'd highly recommend SMF myself, I've got 3 boards running.
  8. Unfortunately it sounds like it's possible (though I don't know on such limited information) that your forum has been hacked. Version 1.2 has several security exploits, and the only way to patch those is to upgrade to the latest version (which, as you mentioned, costs money). An alternative is for you to install a free forum, such as phpBB or SimpleMachines Forum (SMF). Both of which are available through cpanel/fantastico as a one-click install. I know for sure that SMF has available a converter that will convert your existing IPB board to an SMF board (however it sounds like that may not be an option now, as your database is likely corrupt beyond repair, save for a backup). Either way, I would highly recommend moving away from IPB 1.2, due to the numerous security exploits available.
  9. Sorry to hear about this Tim. As a fellow dog owner, I wish you both the best. On a side note, it's amazing what people will do for their pets. I remember spending over $80 for a 5 minute visit to the vet when my dog had diarrhea. Which is odd considering I've been sick as a dog (no pun intended) for a week and still won't go to a doctor. Take good care of your pup.
  10. I'm pretty much transitioned from Linux to FreeBSD. Not lookin back either
  11. I've used it to clean the corrosion off car battery terminals before, so I know that to be true. None the less, I still love the stuff.
  12. I have my days. Went through a long period of drinking only Pepsi, then another long period (which is still going) of drinking Coke. However, I only own stock in Coke (but am re-evaluating that )
  13. Bam and Mrs. Muddled, the two of you are using themes that have been disabled on TCH's servers. You may access your cpanel by removing everything after the ":2082" in the links you are using. For example, Bam would use: "http://www.thegrinder.ws:2082/" Mrs. Muddled would use: "http://www.mrsmuddled.com:2082/"
  14. (I was begining to think nobody would get it...) Tommy Boy! "In future conversations, you will refer to me as... uh, Mr. Sanderson and I will refer to you as... uh, Mrs. Esterhouse."
  15. *cajunman4life agrees I'll stick to my desert
  16. So I guess the old saying "If you build it, they will come" no longer applies?
  17. In Florida? You're mostly surrounded by water lol. Arizona... now that's a drout. Just teasin ya Sam
  18. Heard it before. lol, sorry to be the party pooper. I will say though, this guy's laugh is well worth listening to.
  19. Good (or bad, depending on your view)
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