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  1. that was my initial thought, i have not asked them, i have an older o2 xda (jas jar exec i think its called) and it doesn't show it up as a removable device, as in a similar manner to a USB pen.
  2. hello again, long time no visit, 3rd year with TCH anyways moving on to the topic at hand! I am wondering if a PDA/Phone (XDA phone/windows mobile) crashes and resets itself then wipes all data (photos etc especially) is there any way you can get these back? i know if you use a external memory card there is applications to do this, but this is on the phones on flash memory built in. any help in this matter will greatly cheer someone up who's in this boat i'm asking for Thanks in Advance Maka
  3. just checked the forums after a lengthy absence, my thoughts are with His Family and the extended TCH family
  4. hello all sometimes when i play a DVD it "stutters" and plays sort of half speed? i have troubleshooted it and i am doing a system restore (incase i installed something the pc does not like) is this likely to be hardware related as in the "inside workings" sofware (drivers) or physical, i.e Dirty laser/lens it also took 20 mins or so to burn a (not full capacity) Audio CD pc has been fine until this episode that has came about in the last 48 hrs
  5. tch does indeed rock. decided ill come for a peek round the forums since i have been absent for a while i think the plus sides are that TCH is honest, what you see is what you pay the online tech support solves things like *click* (where as some tech lines i have mailed phoned take a long time, and the Staff know as much as what is on a screen in front of them) this forum for little issues, and the occasional other issue where you would like help and price. all in all a good little package where everything works, everyones happy
  6. all the fantastico ones look a bit complicated even for me! i've settled on one and done a basic site, i quite like it!!! http://www.goldielookin.co.uk/content/ its basic but it's nice!
  7. yeah i dont like them much either but i want a website where there is options for people to comment, and things like caleneders on, also if im making a site for say a local band, a WYSIWYG editor means they can do the updates for say gigs, and not "Bug me all the time" if you are interested my moodle instalation is http://fdmm.goldielookin.co.uk/moodle/ just having a play, its like "Blackboard" used by educational establishments widely, the open university uses/used moodle
  8. i was on that this morning and have scribbled a list of possible ones, i fancy making my friends band a site, and obviously hosting it with tch at the moment im installing that moodle to have a play with
  9. this is brilliant Bruce! ive been wanting to have a WP theme but have no idea how to "tweak" its myself! i'll have some fun with this later getting a nice theme on the go!
  10. thanks Don, helpful as ever i'll install this tomorrow when and have a look, had a quick peek at the "showcase" and it looks nice i'll let everyone know how i get on! thanks again!
  11. hello all! im currently embarking on my "final major project" which is self set, i can do whatever i want basically. im thinking of doing a site for local people, a whats on type of guide, some form of tourism, thats the background out the way. i think a CMS would be a great idea, as i can have people rate, comment and things like that. and over time i want to make it a personal project to promote my local area which i really like. so far i have looked at a a program called moodle which is education based i could try and tweak it, then i know wordpress, so could use that. also on the list are others like drupal, and joomala but they confuse the living daylights out of me! can anyone suggest a CMS system thats easy to install, and use for a person who's new to this kind of thing? many thanks! Maka
  12. please do excuse double postage. at around 12:40 today i switched on the offending pc, a message came up saying bios details have been re-adjusted. press F1 to go ahead or leave the PC be. i let it crunch on. a little later windows xp loading screen comes up, as i draw a deep breath, slightly longer load time on the "welcome" screen. but it's working. i think maybe an overheat, since i switched the pc off fully? to me (and im not an expert lol) that seems the logial option i may invest in water cooling, as the pc is in a bit of a confined space, and occasioanlly switch it off, id say in the last 3 months it has only been of for 48 hours on 2 seperate occasions... maybe it was just a bit "fed up"
  13. sometimes one, others i dont, i noticed also one of the LEDs on the keyboard was going mad "like a strobe light at a rave party" binking a few short flashes then a long one. i switched it off then on from the wall as that stopped. i dont know maybe when i was trying to get the mem stick in the card reader maybe i damaged the pins and they shorted blowing something in some way or another, i did this with an old pc, when the front USB collapsed and shorted blowing the PSU. i wish computers werent made out of magic and spiderwebs, they break too easily just had a "facebook" message, a friend seems to think my HDD is shot, just failed, the back of the computer did seem warm when i was looking for the "Main switch" on the back
  14. it was a memory stick as in sony, and i removed all 'gadgets' from my pc before restarting the acer is like this on mains its perfect on battery.
  15. my desktop just stopped working, was inserting a memory stick from my phone and the mouse pointer had frozen, and keys began to be non responsive so i couldnt even ctrl alt del so power off was my only option. it now sometimes boots up with an almighty noise or gets to a BIOS screen and, HP as annoying as they could be have set a password, which i dont kno what it is, fantastic. so then it allows me to continue with my boot. only to get a blank screen it says disc error on some occasions but i cant get the letter of it, as the screen resoloution is screwed and i cant seem to read the full screen. as i say it was a sudden stop. im now using my 2 year old acer laptop, which is prone to "click" off when it feels like it any help will be greatfully accepted big time!
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