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  1. Rob your wife could easily be my idol! I subscribe to numerous yahoo groups also although not nearly as many as your wife does! But I can easly receive 500+ emails a day. I run most of my accounts out of ukonline's email service but with yahoo's upgrade I have 2 gig there now...just have to figure out how to make the stupid pop3 work. Like you and your wife my boyfriend and I sit at our own computers and IM each other, and like you Dave has no clue as to why I have so many groups or why I need so many tubes, stationary, signature tags...but he has learned to just smile and say "yes dear". Rarely does he have to sleep on the couch. *lol* Tell your wife "she rocks"! for me. Minet
  2. okay adding to the already lengthy thread here... Most of you have been through the hell of bad hosts, slow servers etc. Not me, I am so new at this it isn't even funny! But with all the questions I've posted that I'm sure a few chuckled about saying newbie under their breath, I've always got an answer if it's to fill out a help ticket. Everyone here has been friendly helpful and downright awesome so that my first experience with hosting has been unbelieveably great! So cheers to the family and thank you! I don't think I would even consider trying another hosting company after this! Glad I lucked out the first time! Hugs!
  3. I'm really new here! And new to hosting a site myself, but no matter how trivial the questions I've asked I've always gotten terrific help from the forums people here. So don't be afraid of hosting your own site, if I can do it anyone can! This is really a terrific hosting site and I don't think I could find another like it if I googled til next year! Hope to see you've joined the family. Hugs!
  4. Okay one more question before I head off to dreamland. I searched the forums and didn't see anything related to this... Can you use incredimail to recieve messages from your total hosting email address? And if so...will the people getting mail from me be able to see the stationary? I'm guessing the smtp etc would be the same as configuring for outlook express but just in case it isn't what would it be? Take your time answering this one folks I won't be back for an answer until tomorrow. Hugs!
  5. And there it is!!!! Geez you all is soooooo smart! :hug: love ya love ya love ya!!!
  6. see told you it was a no brainer! lol so rename it to index.html and move it to the public folder...gotcha thanks Lisa and Jikrantz! Hugs!
  7. Hi all, Yes me again with something so simple I know most of you will shake you heads in disbelief... Okay it's been 72 hours since I signed up, however when I type in the full url of my site I'm still getting the parent directory. Have I by some chance not put the main page in the correct folder or named it incorrectly? I have all the pages and images in my www folder and the first page I simply labeled main.html Okay all you smart people what am I doing wrong? Hugs
  8. Thanks Rob No hurries, it's not like the site is dealing with customers or anything. I can wait and check back this afternoon. Hugs who knows it may just reappear after the server is up and running! *lol*
  9. Apparently the support desk must be down I went to this site https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/supportdesk/ and got this error Invalid SQL: Table 'total_esupport.asLanguagePacks' doesn't existInvalid SQL: Table 'total_esupport.asFaqQuestions' doesn't exist They may be having down time due to the new server....guess I can try again later and hang around here and see if anyone else has any ideas. Hugs
  10. Hiya family! Well I made it through yesterday without having to bother anyone, however, this morning when I try and view my site I get this error There is no website configured at this address. You are seeing this page because there is nothing configured for the site you have requested. If you think you are seeing this page in error, please contact the site administrator or datacenter responsible for this site. Now it was just there late last night.....I tried seeing it through the parent directory and got the typical page not found error. I've tried accessing using both the IP before propagation (Ithink that's what it's called although it's almost be 72 hours) and by typing in my domain name, both come up nada. Any ideas? Or I am gonna have to fill out a ticket? Hugs
  11. thanks for all the help guys! I got an html editor I think it is for ftp too...still trying to figure it out. But hopefully it'll give me some help. Hugs!
  12. awww brich a woman after my own heart! Thanks for understanding! *lol* Jikrantz ~ love your icon! I have a guinea pig named max who is the biggest sweetest baby! Hugs!
  13. thanks Bruce off to give it a try!
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