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  1. *cajunman4life slaps Rob around a bit with a trout Heh, just kidding... but seriously...
  2. This is awesome, as I am currently planning to move from Blogger to Wordpress myself. Thanks!
  3. So which is it? lol. There's an hour difference between the two (and the east coast is currently in EDT)... Things like this make a difference for us in Arizona which doesn't observe DST (should I subtract 2 hours or 3?).
  4. I know what it is! I'm getting a free dedicated box! Or wait, that was my dream last night... Plan upgrades would be awesome (although there's really nothing wrong with them now). I can tell my productivity level on Friday will be low lol. At least you gave us the time. Now, quick question... when you say 3PM EST, is that really EST, or EDT?
  5. Bill, get well soon. We're all pullin for ya
  6. Heh, before the DST change (fall back) I had some problems. At that time our corporate office was in Broomfield, CO, which is in the mountain time zone, however during the summer-time months is actually 1 hour ahead of us in Arizona. So we had people scheduling conference calls at 8am or 8:30am CO time, but they didn't think of us here in Arizona who had to go in to the office a full hour early (or dial in from home like we all did anyways). Talk about insensitive lol.
  7. Just a quick note, there is also a related patch for 1.1RC2. So if you happen to be running that version, make sure you get the appropriate patch as well.
  8. Was it a PCI USB card, or was it the ports built-in to the motherboard?
  9. Are you plugging them back in to the same USB ports? Have you tried different USB ports? It seems silly, but (and I found this out by plugging a printer in to my laptop) it matters what port it's in. If I put it in a different USB port then the one I had it in when I installed the driver, it tells me it's a brand new device and requests I install the drivers for it. Perhaps you could (just for kicks) try different ports. Or if you only have 2 available, swap them.
  10. Congratulations Bill! I started using Mozilla back in the M17 days (1999?). Back then it was slow, clunky, ugly, and a downright pain to keep from crashing on Windows 98 (which was no prize piece itself either). I watched the progress for many years all the way up until Mozilla 1.0 was finally released! What a joyous moment! I tried Phoenix (what early early versions of Firefox were called for those of you who don't know/remember), but didn't find much use for it. Then they re-branded it as Firebird... it was getting a bit better. I began using it full-time when Mozilla announced that it would be the next-gen release, and the suite was going to be going away. Somewhere in there they re-branded it (yet again) to Firefox. I have since switched to Opera, however on those occasional sites (like my bank) that don't play at all with Opera (I can deal with those that don't play nice, but there are a few that refuse to work with Opera), I still fire up Firefox. I do use Thunderbird for most of my email though (however I use M2 (Opera's built-in email client) for my TCH hosted domain emails). At any rate, sorry for the long rant. Enjoy it! It honestly is much better than IE.
  11. I hate to bother but... s97 next on the list?
  12. I assume you have, but just checking... have you restarted Windows? How old is this printer/scanner? Is it one unit or two seperate devices? USB? (most likely is, but I still see some parallel port items out there believe it or not).
  13. I've been using blogger for some time. Over a year and a half ago I stopped using the *.blogspot.com and set blogger up to FTP my posts over to my site hosted here at TCH. Recently, however, I've been considering installing WordPress and importing my blogger posts. I'm right now experimenting making a custom theme for wordpress, so I can make the transition seamless. Let us know how things go for you if you decide to move your blog here to TCH
  14. Yea, I looked at HostDepartment before I came to TCH. I'm glad I'm here.
  15. I'll have to side with Rob on this. If you've ever been late to work because of the DST transition, then you can appreciate a place like Arizona, which doesn't observe DST
  16. along with the http://, don't use the www either. You may also have success (if using just your domain name doesn't work) by using ftp://ftp.yourtchdoman.ext. Let us know how it works out for you
  17. May that one party be the one doing the recording?
  18. I share the sentiments of quite a few people. I only have XP on my laptop, and it's getting upgraded no further. If I still have the same laptop when support for XP is ended, then it'll get Linux or FreeBSD installed. Both have made fairly good progress in the laptop realm in recent years, and by the time XP support is ended, they should have come a lot further. Having said that, I am looking at a MacBook Pro though. I'm not too keen on upgrading OS X either, but seeing has how I'm a Linux/Unix type of guy anyways, I'd take it over MS any day.
  19. I personally have a script set up to take a nightly backup of all my sites, and ftp them to a server I have at home. I usually only keep 30 days worth, but there for a while I had several months worth.
  20. IIRC taping a call is illegal unless all parties involved on the call are aware they are being recorded. Although, IANAL, so anyone else know if what I say is true?
  21. Right, I didn't mention that but I was also thinking along the lines of this shouldn't be posted in the forums, but shared privately (if at all). Still very interested in how this progresses, be sure to let us know Brent what becomes of this.
  22. I, too, would be interested in the domain...
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