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  1. O'Reilly (Fox News... The O'Reilly Factor... yea)
  2. Ever After. "What man is a man who does not make the world better?"
  3. It's been a while since I have used phpBB, however I believe there should be a setting where instead of you approving new accounts, the user who created the account has to approve it by clicking a link that is sent to the email address they used to register. That put a complete stop to the spam I was getting on my phpBB board.
  4. And (Anyone else thinking bitwise operators here? Or? Xor? Anyone...?)
  5. Wow... I do mostly the opposite. 13 is my lucky number. I am more likely to pick up change if it is on tails than if it is on heads. Etc, etc. However, there is one thing in your post that stands out most... "Never saying never"... This must explain why you keep going above and beyond our expectations.
  6. If it's outside of your public_html, at first glance I would say yes. However, given that something in public_html is accessing it... I'm not completely sure. We'll let someone else offer an opinion as well.
  7. I always pick up change if I see it on the ground. I have no shame. As far as the UK vs US gas prices... I honestly don't know, but how quickly did gas prices (or petrol as you all call it) rise? I remember two years ago I thought it was outrageous that I was paying $1.39/gallon... Today the average gas price in my neighborhood is $3.11... Now that's nearly a 125% rise in two years time (I've heard somewhere it's even higher than that). That's a tough pill to swallow. Not to mention everything is going up (except my paycheck).
  8. Darcy, welcome to the forums! As a longtime customer, I have seen TCH upgrade their servers in several ways. They've added more RAM, even upgraded complete machines with RAID1 redundant disk. Recently, they added more diskspace and bandwidth to virtual accounts, and are in the process of adding the same to the reseller accounts. They have also brought in Fantastico and are in process of rolling out Ruby on Rails. Personally, I wouldn't call TCH a "budget host" (although their prices are certainly low for everything you get - including some of the best support you'll find in the webhosting industry). TCH outshines many hosts who are even more expensive. Good luck on your search for another host, however I think you'll find that TCH would be the perfect place to call home.
  9. Mother (By the way, happy early Mother's Day to all the mothers out there)
  10. If I remember correctly, when building an .htaccess file, you use the command htpasswd from the command line. Since we don't have shell access on shared accounts, you must use cpanel to create the .htaccess file in this case. I'm not 100% sure, but the generated password may be different on different machines (I could be totally off base here). None the less, I would recommend going through cpanel to set up directory locking.
  11. It's the same thing, but outdated. 1.2 was the last "free" version that IPS released. I think they are on 2.3 now, which you have to pay for. I wouldn't recommend using 1.2 as there are quite a few vulnerabilities.
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