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  1. Alright, now this is assuming you know a bit about HTML and the like... Open "index.template.php" and find "<body>';"... Shortly below that is the section that begins the header at the top. Find where it starts "<img src="', $settings['images_url'], ", and add "<a href=yourlinkhere>" before and "</a>" after. That should take care of it for you. Let us know if that does the trick or not.
  2. Give me a moment, I'm digging through source files right now...
  3. HG's current post count: 8,388,607 (as of this writing). A few possible ideas on how he arrived there: He posted each of the 26 letters of the English alphabet. Roughly 322,638 times each. He got extremely bored one night and typed out the works of Shakespeare... each word being a new post. He didn't fail; he figured out 8,388,606 ways how not to write a post. He was participating in the Vonage "Thanks a Million!" contest, and nobody told him to stop posting... Whatever the case may be, we sure know he wasn't posting about service upgrades and new features! (heavy sarcasm) Just kidding Bill! Now I got bored and actually sat down and typed this out. Thanks a Million for all you do! (no pun intended)
  4. pull (reference to an old 3 stooges episode..)
  5. Good find. With the ever-lengthening gap between XP and Vista releases, the non-stop barrage of viruses and spyware, and other things, perhaps now is as good a time as any to try Linux. There's a big hype over Ubuntu/Kubuntu, but personally I recommend Fedora for beginners (even though I'll admit, I'm a bigger fan of .deb based systems than I am .rpm based systems). There are plenty of resources out there (as well as right here in our own TCH family) that can and will help beginners.
  6. That's very odd... I've never seen something that prompted me to run a command from the command line... I don't use phpBB anymore, but when I did 2.0.20 was the last version I upgraded to. What step was it on when it told you to execute that command?
  7. No problem That's why you'll see a post of mine above that says "Disregard this post"... I had to change it to that because shortly after I made the actual post I realized I gave false information
  8. That's for the yearly license. We're talking about the owned license. Like Jim said, IPB allows you to continue to use the software after that one year (if you have the yearly license) but you just won't get any updates. vBulletin states you must remove the software after your year is up if you don't renew. But like I said, these terms are only for the yearly (leased) licenses.
  9. I think he told me once he has a caffeine IV hooked up directly to his arm... something about sleep being over-rated... Just kidding Bill...
  10. Yea, I saw his post count last night was over 8,000,000... maybe the pruned posts are going to him lol jk
  11. Nag (Anyone recognize the reference to Grumpier Old Men?)
  12. Looks like I misunderstood the pricing structure, thanks for pointing out that the $30 for IPB is for support only Jim .
  13. Paul, been there done that. I jumped into a discussion some time back about it, and we all got shot down. So I feel your pain lol.
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