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  1. I have created a backup...I'm just not sure how to put that on the new site lol
  2. Correct. Both domains are on tch servers through my reseller account. They lost their domain name so had to get a new one .com instead of .org so a move from org to com is needed.
  3. Good morning I have a client who recently lost their domain name which was hosted through me. They have gotten a new domain name and now we need to transfer their old site to the new one. I'm pretty sure I have not done that before. Any suggestions? Tips? How To? Thank you !
  4. Oh one other quick question... she will need to change the dns info to reflect my dns for my hosting site for both domains for this to wrk correct?
  5. I can do this in her cpanel or through my main reseller cpanel?
  6. A client of mine has a .net which is hosted with me. They recently obtained the .com. If I understand correctly, we can just park the .com on top of the .net so that if you go to either (example.net or example.com) its the same site. Can I do this via her cpanel (I see a domain parking icon there) or is this something TCH would need to do? Thanks
  7. First of all I must say... Now here's a question. If I choose the Standard Reseller plan, how much is allocated to my hosting site and how much would that leave for hosting packages for my clients? Half and half? Same question for Deluxe Reseller. TIA!
  8. Bill, would this be what you mentioned to me earlier? Good for a reseller?
  9. I'm not happy with my current reseller host. I'm looking at two companies to move to. TCH is one of them. What are some of your pros/cons with your reseller account? Thanks !
  10. Oh how incredibly sad. He was a very nice man. My condolences to his family and friends.
  11. Actually did the backup in WP before it went bonkers on me (was something in the server as I had to open a tech ticket on that issue) but I'm very happy to say I was able to import my DB and its back. WOOHOO. Thanks for your help everyone!
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