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  1. Sunday isn't the 17th. Did you mean Friday the 17th or Sunday the 19th?
  2. I understand the difference between the protocols, my question is more about data back up. Since with POP3, my email client pulls the mail from the TCH server and it then resides on my PC. Now it is clearly my responsibility to manage and backup. With IMAP, the email will reside and stay on the TCH server, I will simply view it from my PC or phone. Now TCH has a nice backup policy for their servers (twice daily if I remember right), but it is still my responsibility to maintain backups, right? What I'm curious about is what is the best way to do that. Manually via FTP (if so, where is i
  3. I'm thinking of switching my mail over to Google Apps. While my hosting is here at TCH, another company provides my domain registration. Do I contact TCH or the other provider for changing the MX & CNAME info?
  4. I want to change over to IMAP for all of my email accounts, but I want to understand about backing up my mail first. If I remember correctly, TCH backs up each server twice daily. I assume that includes any emails stored on the server as well, correct? Of course, ultimately it is my responsibility to back up my own site and email, not rely on TCH. How would I do that if I'm using IMAP? Where is the mail stored? I use dbsender to automate my blog database backups, is there a way to automate backing up my email? Lastly, anything, settings wise, that I shold know about using IMAP wit
  5. Thanks, I've done the whois search, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at. It lists the IP as belonging to GoDaddy, so would they be the host or just the registrar? I've since discovered that he also owned the domain for another club site, but in that listing the club itself is the company, he's just the representative. We plan on contacting the moderators there to see what they're doing. I certainly understand that the hosting company is not likely to be cooperative. I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there. I'm trying to find out what our options are, if we hav
  6. As far as I know, no one has access to anything, admin wise. I'm not sure anyone knows who hosts the site. I've sent a message to the closest thing we have as a site admin now to see what progress has been made.
  7. That title ought to raise some eyebrows. Here's the situation. I belong to a pretty active online community for the classic car I own. The site owner passed away and no one on the site has admin access to the vBulletin installation. There's also some other static pages on the site. We don't know who the hosting is with and we don't know when it will expire. The domain is paid up until late 2009. It's been a couple of months and the site is mostly running OK, but I know that won't continue forever. The hosting will come due and the domain will expire. His wife is not returning
  8. Using the source they provide, yes, if you limit to WP 2.5 you get 3. If you leave it as any version you get what they reported, 42. For MT the only choice is any and you get zero for 2008. It's an apples to apples comparison by a neutral third party, namely the US government. 42 vulnerabilities in all versions of WP so far this year, zero in all versions of MT. Total WP has 122 since 2004, MT has had 11 since 2003 for all versions of either platform. That said, the statistics are perhaps a bit misleading taken at face value, and there is a good discussion of why that may be true i
  9. There are a couple of links in that MT article, but there have evidently been a lot of WP sites getting hacked. I guess it's possible that some are hacked and the owners don't even know it. I don't think it's a spam or comment related issue, but I'm not really sure as I don't use WP.
  10. MT: A History of Security Yeah, it's by SixApart so of course they are going toot their own horn, but the stats are interesting. WordPress is having a series of security issues lately, hopefully for all those using it those will get ironed out. Meantime, I take comfort in knowing that MT has a strong track record in security.
  11. That link should help, but I think you should be looking for an 'MTEntries' tag in the Category archive template rather than the 'MTArchiveList' tag. The default sort order should be newest at the top, but that can be overridden by the 'sort_order' attribute. See this page on MTEntries in the docs. It says: When MTEntries is used in the context of a Category archive, the results are automatically filtered by category. 'MTArchiveList' is used to create a list of a specific type of entries outside of such a context. I use it, for example, to create a list of my monthly and category archi
  12. This also corresponds with the first stable release of MT Open Source.
  13. I just had a similar problem on my MT blog as well, trying to access mt.cgi to log in got an error that mt-config.cgi could not be found. I aslo had some errors generated by a couple of older plugins. I contacted the TCH help desk as this coincided with my site being migrated from one server (server123) to another (amidala). Nothing had changed on my MT install at all. They made some changes on their end (don't know what) and all is now right with the world. Contact the help desk with the details of your error, maybe they can help.
  14. I'm a member of the MT ProNet mailing list. The whole MTOS project has created quite a buzz in the MT community. Actually the release of MT4 has reinvigorated the community. There are a lot of neat things happening, including the MT Community Solution, MTOS and more. Fun times to be an MT guy. Now, if those last couple of plugins I use would get updated, I could move to MT4 too!
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