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  1. I'm cheap and didn't want to pay the extra
  2. 1.0.5? I'd highly recommend downloading the latest version from SimpleMachines.org and installing it. It is currently 1.0.7 (or 1.1 RC2 is available for testing), which includes several security fixes over 1.0.5. As with anything you install from cpanel, same goes for Fantastico. Usually they are a version or two behind the upstream vendors. Make sure you keep all your scripts up to date to avoid having your account compromised.
  3. I believe SimpleMachines is also offered through Fantastico (still at work so I can't check it right now... firewall rules and all). There are those out there who feel SMF is a bit more powerful/flexible than phpBB (as well as a bit more secure). No bias here
  4. I get that snail-mail too. It offers to renew my domain for me saving me money! (Ironically enough, they want to charge me ~$30/year for my domain... when I can renew it for 1/3 of that price). I toss it in the bit box along with all the credit card offers that will one day either be burned or shredded. Or both.
  5. Eat (Kindergarten? Anyone?)
  6. (Another) Day (in paradise)
  7. Pets (Edit: Posted dogs, but chatbug beat me to it)
  8. They are! Has something to do with cpanel causing servers world-wide to overheat... (this is sarcasm by the way )
  9. TCH decided to standardize their server farm to one Cpanel theme (rather than many). This was done to make support from their end easier IIRC (instead of supporting multiple themes with multiple potential fixes to multiple problems, they settle for one). TCH is currently evaluating a theme that better suits users and will be transitioning to it. Also, they had problems with other themes when it came to adding Fantastico and things of that nature. Unfortunately in the business world you have to make decisions like this. Not everyone can always be happy. Meanwhile, I've been on Cpanel X theme on all my accounts here since I started, and have become very used to it. That doesn't mean I need the "dumb-down and pretty-up" to be able to get my work done (personally I prefer the command line to the GUI in 99% of situations), however I've grown used to it (as I said).
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