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  1. Hey thanks Bill, Just what I was looking for. youneverknow
  2. Thanks Thomas, Here is the message I am getting: Insecure password warning when I set up new mail user and cpanel asks for password for that new email address. Thanks, youneverknow
  3. I noticed that when adding a new user to email in my cpanel that it was not Https. Is there a way I can add new account emails thru a secured server? Thanks, youneverknow.com
  4. Any word on the announcement date? youneverknow
  5. Thanks for doing this Bill. This makes tons of sense to have your forums on a separate entity away from your Michigan server farm. The fast response on a holiday to the hacking of TCH servers was fantastic. This is why I have been with TCH for over 9 years. youneverknow
  6. Bespin server was hit too! Will check for fix later today... youneverknow
  7. Sounds like a security issue. Try turning off any security software (windows defender,anti-virus,zone alarm etc.) while installing. good luck YouNeverKnow
  8. Hi everyone, This may seem a dumb question...have the recent attempts to flood TCH with dos attacks ever been traced to the guys doing this or is this a case where hackers have taken over thousands of computers and launched the attack by infesting unsuspecting users world wide? Also why pick on TCH? Is this some game with these guys? It should be a criminal offense with heavy fines for people screwing up the public internet. Just a curious question or two... YouNeverKnow
  9. Check this out to see if it meets your needs http://www.dollardns.net/cgi-bin/dnscrawler/index.pl?server=ns1.dollardns.net&name=dollardns.net&type=AXFR&submit=DS youneverknow
  10. You should really look into how to back up that hidden partition where the OS resides. Look on your manufacturers web site for instructions on how to do this. You could also google for the HOW TO also. If you have a hard drive failure you will not be able to restore your laptop unless you have disks with the OS on them. Your personal data should be backed up if you are not doing so now (thumb drives are really cheap now) youneverknow
  11. Actually that photo is Very Close to being the ipad announced today youneverknow
  12. If you use a router of some sort, it will act as a firewall closing all ports except 80 and a few others. Windows firewall built into windows 7 is good in conjuction with the router. I used to use ZoneAlarm but it uses lots of system resources. youneverknow
  13. If using the 64 bit version make sure that 64 bit drivers are available for you peripherials like printers, scanners etc. youneverknow
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