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  1. That's what I'm saying, you should have at least one user account that is set as the "Administrator" account. In the profile for that account, make sure the email is set properly, and that is the email address that will receive the email that says a new user has signed up.
  2. Whatever user is the "Administrator" of the forum should be receiving the email. Check to make sure you have a correct email address for the admin user.
  3. Welcome, Sara! The guys are right, the techs will have you fixed up shortly.
  4. Two promotions in a short time... congrats!
  5. Hello, Acid2 compliance!
  6. And just when I finally broke myself of using Ctrl+T for a new tab, they switch their keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+T. Doh!
  7. What's this? No stock quote widget? Bah!
  8. In 9.0b Gmail finally works properly... (although GTalk is not visible still... have to get on them google guys again I guess).
  9. What's this? Another Opera fan? 9.0 is a much awaited release. Can't wait
  10. P3 is out of date? I've still got an MMX 200MHz with 64MB RAM humming along happily... In all seriousness, I think the info on the pages is just a bit out of date.
  11. Deleting the content in the public_html directory (but not the directory itself) will suffice for what you want to accomplish. You should also clear out any MySQL databases you might have had through cpanel. Of course, as mentioned, take a full backup (just in case) first. Mail settings are stored elsewhere. Good luck, let us know how everything goes, and welcome to the forums!
  12. TCH was my first web host, and I'm not going anywhere. I'm a "comparison shopper" by nature (don't hurt me Bill) so I'm constantly looking for the "better deal." Simply put, I've yet to find a host out there that can come to the level TCH has in terms of customer service. My constant nagging tickets to the help desk are handled promptly and professionally, and my posts to the forums are as well. Not to mention, you can get ahold of just about anyone involved with TCH through IM quickly and easily. So like Steve, I'm here for quite a while
  13. A few months back (when my company was bought out) our firewalls were changed. Before, everything was allowed unless specifically denied. Now it's the opposite, so there are many things I used to be able to do before that I cannot do now . Such is life.
  14. Looks like Rob beat me to the "What about those who have disabled javascript?" but not a bad idea. As mentioned, the spambots are getting smarter. Unfortunately...
  15. My company used to do a monthly cake day, to recognize individual achievements, as well as let us know how the company overall is doing. Ever since we were bought out in December, all that stopped (as well as many of the benefits we were used to vanished). At any rate, I've figured it out... TCH is going to contribute major fundage to my 401(k) right? No? Darn...
  16. Sorry, I start work this week at 8am Arizona time (which would be 11am EDT), so I was sleeping . But I'm here now, awaiting the announcement.
  17. I suppose I did say "or", in which case you would be right in boolean logic. So let me present it this way: 1) EDT 2) EST As for hanging around all day Friday, I likely will, however my boss still hates you from last time there was an announcement we were all waiting for lol.
  18. No, not really. You said "yes", the problem is the question was not yes/no. It was a "choose one" question lol.
  19. I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to give away...
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