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  1. I started using Firebird when a customer of mine could not access the Fed Ex web site properly with IE! They couldn't get labels printed, and therefore could not ship packages. Not good! I went around and around on several Microsoft web sites. I received instructions ranging from reloading Java, to changing security settings, to looking at my firewall. I finally loaded Firebird and we've had no other problems. -kw
  2. Thomas, The counter I use to display the number of visitors currently online is called GTCounter - Click here for more information. Also, you listed my web site URL incorrect - it's www.csbsupport.com Hope this helps! P.S. Yes, I am still no the road, but the hotel I am at offers Internet access in all the rooms for $10 a day - at cable/dsl speed! -kw
  3. Munnin - this inofrmation about the ports used is also posted at the TCH Help Web site - click here -kw
  4. I've never worked with a web based email server that provides the type of physical instant feed back that you are used to with Yahoo, and are asking for. Personally, I would find it irritating. Also, the fact that an email was sent does not mean that it has been delivered or read. When you send an email, you can select your web mail software to save a copy in your sent email box. -kw
  5. Take a look at the example on my CuteSITE Builder support web site for a type of customizable popup for a link: http://www.csbsupport.com/samplecode/id326.htm -kw
  6. Also, if you find spelling errors or other corrections to be made to the TCH Help web site, the bottom of each page of the Help Web site includes an email link for that purpose. -kw
  7. Well, I tried a couple of things ... but still could notr make it work with Mozilla's Firebird. I'm sure the problem is due to the fact that I am not inserting the code in the HEAD section of the page. -kw
  8. I will guess that the reason my example did not work with Netscape variant browsers is because I cheated a little, and did not put the Javascript function in the HEAD section of my page. Let me play around and see if that makes a difference. FYI, I'm using CuteSITE Builder, and one of the few limiting factors at all with CSB is that there is not a definitive way to insert code designated for the HEAD section of a web page. That's because with CSB the web page source code is not generated until you are ready to publish. And CSB ids designed to where you don't want to be editing the HTML source manually - ever. -kw
  9. Click here to see if there's any info that might help you. I have not used Mailman myself. -kw
  10. Great web site you posted. Thanks. -kw
  11. It looks like you have an extra </font> in your script (right before your <div id> tag). I then took your example, tweaked it slightly, and used it as an example on my CuteSITE Builder support web site. Take a look: Click here -kw
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of Unix commands! chown = CHange OWNer (ie, change owner of file or directory) knowing that, then what's: chmod? Yep, CHange MODification (ie, change permissions to read, write or execute a file) And ed? Yep, editor. But, then what about: awk? Nope, awk is not an abbreciation of any words. Rather, the 'awk' command, which is a very powerful parser program in Unix, is the first initial of the last name of the 3 men who invented this neat, little Unix utility! -kw
  13. I love Google ... I even have it as my home page ... but I have had to uninstall the Google toolbar on several systems, as it caused problems accessing some sites. -kw
  14. digirunt -- just for clarification purposes in case someone reading this message thread may not understand --- It's not that the actual home page (index.htm/index.html) on *your* web site was changed. Rather, the default web page you have your web browser to go to when you start it up was changed without your permission. Correct? -kw
  15. Thomas, the error you are getting is not being caused by TCH, but rather -- it is an error being caused by something within CuteSITE Builder when you publish. Suggest posting your problem at the CSB Discussion forum. -kw
  16. The TCH Help Web Site includes information on creating and resetting a counter. Click here to view -kw
  17. Assume you've updated your MX record to point to your new TCH server? If so, I would next check with your ISP to see if THEIR DNS name server has been updated and your name propogated. I have encountered this issue twice in as many months with other sites. -kw
  18. I will update the TCH Help Web site as appropriate when I get some time to reflect these new changes! -kw
  19. BTW, the TCH Help Web Site was developed using CuteSITE Builder. -kw
  20. Situation: I've beee to support web sites in the past where they have provided a file for me to download, with the indication that I must download it in 24 or 48 hours, after which it will not be available any longer. Has anyone come across such a utility or program that one could install on a TCH server? -kw
  21. tried accessing it - it shows up ok - but everytime I tried to enter a nickname & email address it would Kick Me back to the initial entry screen. very confusing. -kw
  22. KevinW


    Mitch, I agree exactly with your observations, which is why I posted a recommendation on looking at Firebird. It does do a couple of funky things with some web sites, but overall works very nicely. And, by the way, it installs without any changes to the registry or adding files to Windows systems directories! Once you download and unzip Firebird into a directory, you can literally go to other PC's (if you are on a local network) and copy the entire Firebird directory onto the PC, set up a shortcut to the Firebird .exe file, and that's it! -kw
  23. CPanel only allows a domain name to be entered when changing the MX record. What do I do if their is no domain name? Example: I have a customer that has an inhouse Microsoft Exchange server, and they want to pull down the email from the TCH server into their Exchange server. Their company domain name (say, www.abc.com) is pointing to TCH. Now, the customer does have a static IP address provided by their ISP. Short of buying a different domain name to associate with this static IP address, how would I redirect or change the MX record so as to point to their static IP Address? Thanks! kw But without a
  24. check out subdomains on the TCH Help Web site - click here -kw
  25. Don't know .. but this web site has a lot of useful links and info: http://www.cewindows.net/wce/webbrowser.htm -kw
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