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  1. Try Mozilla's Firebird -- I just installed it on some computers at one of my customers. Click here. -kw
  2. Rick, yes, the info on the TCH Help web site does indicate that we recommend using the 'blackhole' option over 'fail' - I took it right from one of your earlier message threads on the subject! -kw
  3. The same information (and answer) was a click away at the TCH Help Web site! -kw
  4. You would have to run Group Mail from you Windows PC. But a better question to ask is: are there ways of doing bulk mail using my web server? -kw
  5. Bill, after the move, will my login change in order to publish updates to the TCH Help web site? -kw
  6. Certainly other ISP's, like Cox, may block port 25 in the future. Just sometrhing to be aware of. Verizon DSL implemented similar change, requiring enabling of outgoing SMTP authentication back in Sept, 2002. -kw
  7. Whatever the head guru likes ... well, he is the boss, and the boss is always right! :-) KW
  8. KevinW


    1. I understand, and I'm sure you can, too, that TCH cannot be in the business of providing support for 3rd party software programs opr scripts. 2. That's why I carefully worded my suggestion for you to ask the Help desk, and I quote: To my way of thinking that is a "server related question", and is quite different than asking som,ething like "how do I get ISpell installed on my TCH web site?". So, as you said ... let's wait and see! -kw
  9. Mitch, I added your subdomain acceptable & unacceptable examples to the TCH Help Web site. Take a look at it here! -kw
  10. OK, Lianna - the Reseller page on TCH's Help web site has been updated - click here! -kw
  11. A link to the 'Jeering Jargon' is now available right on the home page of the TCH Help Web Site -kw
  12. Li, Good info. I will get it added to the Help and FAQ pages this evening! -kw
  13. if you are concerned about someone "stealing" your images - then you need to take a different approach. virtually all major photo image editing programs (Photoshop, Photoimpact, etc) now come with an ability to record an invisible digitial "signature" that identifies the image as yours. No matter how much the image is cropped or edited or resized, the digital signature will remain. -kw
  14. KevinW


    Ooops --- the program is written in 'C' and they want you to "compile" the program. That's a whole different story! I would suggest dropping a help ticket to tCH support and askign if the ability to both compile and install a third party 'C' program is possible, Provide the same information as you did here. -kw
  15. You also have to watch out for even the big name ISP's. I use Verizon. Real story: After I made the switch to TCH, everyone and their brother could get to my newly located web site - but not me! I waited 3 days, 4 days, 5 days - and still it didn;t work. I called Verizon and they ssaid that everything was fine on their end. Well, with help from the TCH gurus, we determined that Verizon had four (4) DNS name servers, and after a full week -- only two of the four Verizon nameservers had been updated or refreshed. I contacted Verizon, they said "no way". I said "Can I send you proof?". I did, and 15 minutes later all was fine! -kw
  16. It's your web site. So, if you can write a script to auto create accounts, more power to you! If you would like to share the script, I'd be happy to review it, and then make it available via ther TCH Help web site for others. But, I must ask - if you have to make 100 email accounts -- you have a signficant size company -- what are you running in house for email? If you happen to be running an in house mail server, like Microsoft Exchange, you could update your MX record on your TCH site and redirect it to your in house mail server, and you wouldn't have to set up your users on both the web server side and the inhouse system. Just a thought. -kw
  17. I'm there in the SBS newsgroup daily - I'm also responsible for their 'Song of the Week' parody ... such as: Google Girl or Help! kw
  18. Wow ... TCH keeps moving forward ... -kw
  19. Before settling on NeoMail, take a look at SquirrelMail, which has recently been added to all TCH servers and websites. Simply point your browser to www.yoursite.com/sqmail Click here to learn more about SuirrelMail and TCH, and even how to provide an embedded login prompt from within your web page. Also, take a look here for some ideas about a direct link to Horde or NeoMail Also, take a look here for a sample Javascript to interface directly to Horde. Perhaps you could modify it to do something similar to NeoMail. -kw
  20. Very interesting article! http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/stupid-disclaimers/ -kw
  21. If anyone is wondering about the Head Guru's response for not providing actual numbers -- I recently received a similar response from Microsoft when I asked them how many copies of SBS 2000 had been sold. Unfortunately, such information is better left unsaid - and so we simply say: Yep, we have more customers than we did yesterday! kw
  22. So, as long as you are NOT using 'MSN Messenger' -- you can access the Internet and email OK? Obviously, we cannot provide Microsoft support here. A lot depends on which version of Windows and MSN Messenger you are running. I would go to the MSN Messenger newsgroup and ask the question. If you don't have a newsreader program (Outlook Express, etc) - then click here Here's a link to someone with a similar problem: click here And if you think you are alone ... click here -kw
  23. Not a wierd question -- yes, we do support 'mod_rewrite'. For proof, go to the TCH Help Web Tools page (click here) and then click on the 'See it in action' link next to the phpinfo.php information box. The next screen that appears is a list of most of the internal modules and libraries installed. Scroll down to the Apache section, and under 'Loaded modules' you will find 'mod_rewrite' listed! -kw
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