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  1. Do any of the others allow you to scan other systems on your local network? it appears Aida32 does, which is why it caught my eye. "Free" is also nice! -kw
  2. Thanks for stepping up to the plate ... speaking of gadgets ... how 'bout a recommendation on a GSM type of cell phone/PDA that really works! -kw
  3. I have Spam Assassin enabled, and it correctly adds *****SPAM**** to each identified email. What I would like, though, is to move these emails automatically to either another Folder on the web side, or into the Trash Bin. The reason is that if the user connects to their web mail via a cell phone, they are downloading all the spam mail as well as the good mail. So, I said: "No problem! I'll just go into the Horde, and define a filter rule to move any spammed messages into the trash bin." Problem is -- the filter/rule only works if you log in and access the Horde web mail via a browser. It does not appear to work as an automatic background service. I suppose I could create a rule on the cell phone to ignore any email containing *****SPAM***** in the Subject line, but doing it from the web sitde would be easier, and cleaner. Any ideas???? -kw
  4. Gosh, either I'm slow, or perhaps this feature was part of the recent CPanel 6.x upgrade, but I just discovered that if you login to your website's web mail using your admin account, and click on folders, that you can view all user account's mail boxes. Obviously, you want to be careful about this -- but, boy, this is a life saver for me, as I manage most of my customer's email accounts. Now instead of having to logon as each user I can access and view it all from one signon! -kw
  5. Knowing "where" to find the answer is almost just as good as knowing the answer. That's why Google is my default home page for my browser! -kw
  6. I've never seen anything in my inbox.pop folder. Just a guess ... but Horde supports both IMAP and POP for email delivery; perhaps the inbox.pop is for some internal purpose. I could find nothing about it on the Horde web site. -kw
  7. This is not for web site use, but I came across a very full featured utility that not only displays everything about your computer (hardware, software, DLL's, etc.) but also provides ability to generate printed reports. As I provide PC and server support for many customers, I like providing them a printed report. Check it out at: http://www.aida32.hu/aida32.php -kw P.S. And it's free! P.S.S. It also works on networked computers!
  8. Bill - my .02 cents worth -- in no particular order: 1) If you have it over a long weekend (4th of July, Labor Day, etc.) - perhaps people from further away (like Florida) could come 2) It would have to include a tour or presentation of all the "gadgets" that you have 3) It it doesn't happen until fall, be mindful of football weekends in Michigan. 4) Perhaps we could pick a nice weekend where some of us could play some golf (right Lianna?) as well 5) We could make the trip worthwhile and actually have a scheduled half day seminar. Ask several people to put together some small (say 5-15 minutes) presentations on select subjects, such as: Web Site Optimization, Using CuteSITE Builder, My Favorite Web Tools. 6) Or perhaps a round table discussion - one for resellers, and one for general web users. -kw
  9. I've gone ahead and added this fact to the TCH FAQ page. -kw
  10. Which versionof Front Page are you using? Has your domain name fully propogated? -- there's a bug with FP2000 when using an IP address Did you go into cpanel and enable FP extensions? -kw
  11. One possibility: in Outlook, make sure the 'my outgoing SMTP server requires authentication' is enabled - click here for details Also, in your Outlook setup, who are you specifying for outgoing SMTP server - TCH or your ISP? If using TCH, change it to your ISP instead. For example, my incoming mail is pointed to mail.mywebsite.com (that's on tCH), but my outgoing mail is pointed to Verizon, my ISP. HTH! kw
  12. Sam, In order to clarify things, I need to know "how" your Small Business Server is getting the email from your current email/web provider. With the Microsoft Small Business Server, you will either configure the POP3 connector to download the email on a regular basis, OR, you will use the SMTP Connector. I'm going to guess that your Small Business Server is simply running a POP3 connector to your current mail/web provider since you say you do not have an established domain name pointing to the IP address for your server. If that's the case, then you really have very little to do -- simply edit the POP3 connector on your SBS Server to go to the TCH web site to grab the email. If this is not the case, then let me know ... -kw
  13. Humphrey, If you FTP your tar.gz file to your web site, you can then use CPanel's File Manager to extract (unpack) and install it. Works like a champ! Also, thanks for your kind words. I add a snippet to the TCH Help Web Site -- click here. -kw
  14. HTML, by itself, creates static web pages. If you were on a Microsoft web server (which you're not with TCH), then ASP would provide the ability to pass variables and build dynamic pages. So you are left to using other languages - inserting PHP code inside an HTML page, for example, or writing a PERL script to build the HTML page for you. One thing with computer software, there is never one right answer, or one right way to do things, and I would rather borrow code already written and tweak it to my use than write new code from scratch!. To that end, I keep on my book shelf ... The HTML 4 Bible PERL 5 The Javascript Bible PHP/MySQL for Dummies Active Server Pages (ASP) for Dummies And I use Google to find tutorials! Good luck! kw
  15. KevinW


    I'll add my comments .. even if it is late in the day ... Suggest you start by using your favorite search engine and look up 'web safe colors' or 'web safe fonts' or 'web safe font sizes' People get these fabulous CDROM's with thousands of fonts, try to use them on web pages they are designing on their PC, and then when they publish their web pages up to their web site - the fonts and font sizes look different, the colors look different. You need to learn that by default, fonts do NOT get loaded to a web provider. And that a visitor to your web site may see things completely different -- if they don't have those fonts either! Take a look at all the well visited web sites --- if you notice they stick to the tried and true -- Arial, Verdana, etc. Same thing with colors! Your monitor may be able to display 16 million shades of colors, but many web sites limit themselves to the 216 or so web safe colors! -kw
  16. Jim, I have contacted SureFire and we are arranging to include his PHP tutorials as part of the TCH Help Web Site. To that end, if someone else has a knack for writing easy to use user instructions on a topic of value to the TCH user community, we could certainly explore the possibilities. For example, I think a small tutorial on how to properly publish to TCH using FrontPage would be of some benefit. -kw
  17. Sam - your local tech person is almost correct. If you are running Microsoft Exchange locally, then all you need to do is to go into CPanel for your TCH web site, and under the Email options you will find an option: 'Modify MX Entry'. Click on it. A new page appears with your domain name on the left, and the current MX entry on the right. If your domain name is lambertusa.com, then the default TCH mail server will probably appear as mail.lambertusa.com Change the MX entry and insert the domain NAME of your Exchange server. That should be it - no changes should be required on your Exchange server. When I said that your tech guy was 'almost' correct, the only issue is if he was implying you could optionally enter an IP address in the MX field. If so, that is wrong. An MX entry must always be a domain name, not an IP address. I am running an Exchange server at home, and have done a similar thing, and it works very well. -kw
  18. M.Norman - please post your URL so we can take a look. Or ask some of your friends to report back to you on what they see. -kw
  19. KevinW


    It appears that the company developing CPanelGui is still at work on a version that will interface with CPanel 6.0 - which is what TCH is running on its servers. So, the short answer is: no, CPanelGui will not currently work. But the longer answer is to the question: Is TCH considering supporting CPanelGUI? Seems to me that only the HeadGuru can answer that, since he would have to pay the $$$ to purchase it. By the way, to purchase CPanelGUI would cost $175 (1st server) plus $75 each add'l server - which looks like an investment of close to $2,000. On top of that the company developing CPanelGUI has a "no money back" policy --- Personally speaking - I wouldn't be holding my breath!!! -kw
  20. You say you have your Eudora set up correctly -- but for what? Obviously something is not sert up correctly if you are getting an error message. For starters: If all you are trying to do is standard POP3 with Eudora, under Tools > Options > Getting Started, make sure the 'Authentication allowed' box is checked immediately under the SMTP Server (Outgoing) field. Under Tools > Options > Checking Mail, make sure that Secure Sockets is set to "If available...". -kw
  21. fasttoon --- good observation - that may provide a clue. According to my notes, it was around March 8th that the head guru pushed out several new patches for Apache & PHP to address security flaws. Also, CPanel was upgraded to version 6 on Feb 20th. -kw
  22. Yes, it appears that the CPanel custom mod that Bill did last month to display the name of the server did not get ported over to the most recent servers he installed! Sam, your on Server 26? Here I am back on little ole Server 5! :-) kw
  23. To all: regarding having to keep logging on with IE6 -- try this - it worked for me: 1. I will assume you have a shortcut on your desktop already to take you right to the forums. If so, delete the shortcut from your desktop. 2. Open up a single copy of Internet Explorer, and enter the URL www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums 3. When the forums open up, login and click on the box to save your password 4. Then shrink the size of your browser window enough to see your Windows desktop. 5. Click and drag on the Microsoft e icon to the left of the URL / Address bar and place it on your windows desktop 6. Then close your IE window, and attempt to double click on your newly created shortcut. No guarantees ... but it did the trick for me! -kw
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