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  1. Got some better numbers, it looks like it would require a peak of 100 simultaneous connections of AM quality real audio. What is the difference between fully managed and not fully managed servers?
  2. Oh I am only interseted in streaming Real Audio not vidio.
  3. Would the: Semi-Dedicated* Fully Managed account be sufficient?
  4. OK I am no longer at work and so no longer behind a fire wall and can try this my self. I have tried setting the client to use regular SMTP pasword athunitication. using: mail.myserver.net on port 25 the connection times out. using: myserver.net on port 25 the connection times out. using: on port 25 the connection times out. While I can use my providers SMTP server his provider does not supply one so I am sure it must be allowed for him. FIXED Needed to use port 26 and alter teh usename to use @ sign even though the plus sign worked fine with the pop server.
  5. Ok, I set up a series of e-mail boxes for a site. pop: mail.xigenics.net smtp: mail.xigenics.net He has tried both port 25 and port 26 and not had any luck sending mail but can recieve it. any advice?
  6. Right now I live on MT and mailman, the only restrictions tend to be on very large mail groups. Other than that your golden. The best part of TCH is the people and the quick support they provide.
  7. Thank you but according to the folks at MT there is no such direct functionality available for MT. A guest book might do for now but I only want the publisher to see the created entries.
  8. I need to add the ability for viewers to "Join" a MT blog. This will then be used as a Volunteer list later. Thanks Paul Wilson aka Munnin
  9. First of all thank you all for your good advice. Unfortunately my "user" no longer trusts my advice and has decided to move to another web service. Since this service provides less bandwidth than TCH and allows him to choose something other than double opt in (which he wants but I refused to give him) I do not envision a smooth ride for him. Mind you I hope I am wrong. In any case how do I get a complete list of mailing list members out of mail man? Thank you all again Paul Wilson PS: I am staying here, only his list is going away.
  10. "Sending 2K emails a day is alot for a shared account to move." Does this indicate that there is some level of account that I could purchase to handle this?
  11. Right, and I can understand that being a problem. I just need advice on where to go from here. I need that advice quickly because I promised to have resolved this problem before tonight’s mailing goes out. My user (a friend… yea I am not even getting paid for this) is getting very frustrated with me. So that’s why I posted in the general area and not the back end area: because there is no resolution to make or way to solve the problem.
  12. I was hoping not to address it directly since it has been the only time I have been unhappy with TCH. I even understand their logic (hell for 10 bucks a month I get excellent service) and only object to the nailing me with a bottle neck first. The rest of my web services are staying here and I will probably be buying more. But come on, some one out their must be paying for this, help, please
  13. I need good advice in a hurry. TCH has informed me that they will not support my mailing list. They have suggested that I move it to a specialist like http://www.mail-list.com/ . It’s an announce only list sent out once a day to about 2000 people. I need to be able to set it up quickly; it needs to be reasonably priced and has a good support staff. So any other good providers that you would recommend?
  14. Hey Box, Just wanted to give you a heads up: apparently there is a limit, which can be altered, of 200 messages an hour. First I heard of it was this morning while reading my help desk ticket. So make sure you give them a heads up. Paul Wilson
  15. Every one anoyed with me yet? Well just ignore everthing I posted earlier. I won't start another thread and hope people will read it here. I finaly got my hands on the bounce messages and tehy are all the same: FOO@yahoo.com unrouteable mail domain "yahoo.com" FOO2@oracle.com unrouteable mail domain "oracle.com" and on and on: I am filing a ticket now.
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