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  1. To all: I've taken TCH-Dick's zip file and instructions, repackaged it slightly and have posted it to the TCH Help website (under the Statistics link). Click here! And since I was the one who originated this message thread, let me be the first to thank Dick for his effort. It is EXACTLY what I needed for one of my customers. -kw
  2. Rick, What we are trying to say is that the best way to learn something is to just do it. But we also know that the task may be daunting on your own. Why don't you tell us where you are at in the process - what the next step is, and what your question or confusion may be. -kw
  3. I have a customer that wishes to view the AWSTATS, but they do not need access to the rest of cPanel. Is there a way to do this? Or is there a way to automatically generate an AWSTATS report on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly), so I can send it to them? I have tested printing the AWSTATS to a PDF file (using PDF995) and that works great. It's just that right now it would be a manual process on my side, which I don't have time to deal with. Thanks! -kw
  4. Yes, that tool is for M$ users only. So, again, we go back to the concept that not everyone has every custom or fancy font on their PC, laptop, PocketPC, WebTV, or whatever. So it begs to suggest that one should try to use the standard, acceptable fonts. All the major web sites do. Yes, HTML code allows you to identify alternatives (Arial,Helvetica,Times) and that should be sued where at all possible. Finally, in Thomas's case, he is using CuteSITE Builder to generate his web site. And although CSB does use in its base code the HTML alternatives, if you go and select a specific font for a particular text or heading, it does not allow you to identify alternative fonts. Thomas, that may be a good "new feature" suggestion for you to submit to Globalscape! -kw
  5. BTW, here is the URL to the software site that produces it: http://www.planscalendar.com/ P.S. I've also added Plans to the list of 3rd Party apps on the TCH Help Web Site. Check it out! -kw
  6. Thomas, I addressed this problem and it's resolution back in July over on the CSB Discussion Forum web site. If you go to the registered user's section at the Likno's website (their on-line support center), they have a posting about issues where AllWebMenu has a problem with working with Front Page. I took that information and adapted it to impementing in CuteSITE Builder. The problem appears to be caused by issues with nested tables. Bottom line, it was a fairly simple fix. On each page where you want to use the AllWebMenu, you are already required to drop in some generated code in an Insert > HTML code. The fix is that you have to add the following line of code to the START of the code that you insert: if (document.layers) document.write("</table>"); So, for example at my www.csbsupport.com web site, this is how the code looks: -kw
  7. I've only used Gallery, myself. It's OK, but seems wierd to use and navigate. Perhaps I should look at the others! -kw
  8. Sometimes it does take a walk on the other side to see what you rewally had. Thanks for taking the time to let us all know. It makes the effort all the more worthwhile. -kw
  9. Charles, I agree with you. Again, I'm open to anyone offering a compromise between the full detailed instructions on the MT web site and what I currently have posted on the TCH Help web site. If you have anything, either post it for me or email it to me at: helpsite@totalchoicehosting.com -kw
  10. To Charles: Yes, having three sets of instructions is confusing. If someone would be willing to provide me with a consolidate set of step-by-step instructions for me, I'd be happy to post it! To Timbo: Glad the instructions helped. Thanks for pointing out the need to install the CGI Wrapper in order to use SecureCGI. I'll add that to the Help page. To all: As far as installing the base version of MT vs the fully loaded version -- can anyone step in and offer a comment as to the prefereed way of doing this on the TCH servers? [Edited comment: I went ahead and tried to combine and rewrite the basic instructions. I have not yet included the SecureCGI instructions. Take a look at what I did here.] The one time I tried using MT, I used the base version, and had to install HTML:Templates separately. But I believe that was the only thing missing. -kw
  11. I would think if you want to keep things for a subdomain together, you might create a new image directory under awesomephotos. You should still be able to access common images (logos, banners) for all your subdomains from the default images directory as well. -kw
  12. Read more about subdomains on the TCH Help Web site page (click here to view). Most important thing is: do NOT manually create the sub directory. If you have, go ahead and delete it using cPanel's File Manager. When you create a subdomain via cPanel, it will automatically create the required sub directory inside your public_html directory. -kw
  13. Instructions for creating a backup of your site is also available on the TCH Help web site (click here) to view page. -kw
  14. I have added your instructions to installing MT in the Secure CGI directory on the TCH help web site (click here). Thanks! kw
  15. if your web site is www.mysite.com and you placed your Movable Type into a directory named 'mt' - then you would access it as www.mysite.com/mt or more exact: www.mysite.com/mt/index.html And that is what you would use as a link -kw
  16. To all: I've added TCH-Raul's instructions re: AWSTATS customization to the TCH Help Web site - click here to view. -kw
  17. Chris, if the instructions that Charles posted works for you, please let us know, and I'll be happy to include his more detailed instructions onto the Help web site. Someone else provided me the instructions that are currently posted there. In fact, they do work, as I finally installe dMovable Type myself last weekend for the first time - but - I've worked with Unix for 20 years -- so I knew how to "read between the lines". Again, let us know! -kw
  18. Thanks - exactly the kind of info I was looking for. -kw
  19. Slightly OT -- but one of my customer's wants to bring in a T-1 line to their facility, to replace a current Road Runner/Brighthouse standard cable line. We're located in Florida. I got a quote from US-LEC for a T-1 service, where 8 of the 24 channels in the T-1 will be split out for voice, and the other 16 will be used for Internet traffic. Questions I have: - Has anyone worked with USLec? Comments? They're based out of Charlotte NC but apparently do business up and down the east coast. Any other recommendations for carriers? - Is splitting a T-1 between voice & data a good idea? pros? cons? alternatives? Thanks! -kw P.S. I should have indicated that this customer is running a Microsoft SBS 2000 server with a dozen PC's.
  20. Ghost ... depending on your needs and expertise, various products are out there. If you wish to avoid HTML as much as possible, you may want to check out CuteSITE Builder (CSB) from Globalscape. In fact, the TCH Help Web site is built and maintained with CuteSITE Builder, as well as my own CuteSITE Builder Support web site. -kw
  21. Thomas, As an FYI, the link to the support desk is included on both the TCH home page and the TCH Help Desk home page. -kw
  22. that's right ... or simply use IE, and access your web site via ftp directly -- something like this: ftp://username:password@ftp.yourdomainname.com I also have this information available on my CSBSupport web site - here's the link: http://www.csbsupport.com/ftpinfo.htm -kw
  23. My comments in July, 2003 about issues with Google's toolbar seem to be somewhat dated now, as I have been using the 2.0 version of Google's toolbar quite successfully in the past couple of months. And it's free! I usually disable the advanced options once I install it. Check it out at: http://toolbar.google.com/ Re: Proxomitron -- from the information on the web site, the software looks dated, as it does not indicate that it is XP compatible. Also, the web site implies (?) that the software is no longer being maintained. Can anyone clear this up? -kw
  24. Bonsaimule - please explain. Are you looking for an A/V solution that will run directly off a CD without installing anything? McAfee used to have a bootable diskette verison of their software. Also, Trend has an "online" A/V scanning solution. See http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ -kw
  25. Rick, your instructions have been added to the TCH Help Web Site - click here - and scroll half way down the page. -kw
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