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  1. The TOS state that TCH will not provide support for Wordpress which is why I proceeded to find a solution myself. Under what conditions will TCH assist with Wordpress related issues?
  2. Can you elaborate on what the problem was and how TCH corrected it?
  3. The Php upgrade caused my Wordpress-based blog to begin giving me the following error: Fatal Error: Allowed memory size ... My server was upgraded yesterday and I immediately began receiving emails from users that they were having problems. The solution is to add the following line to your .htaccess file in your public_html directory: php_value memory_limit 32000000
  4. Thank guys. It sounds more and more like Mu might be overkill for what I want to do. I doubt there will be more than 10 blogs, so I don't know that Mu would buy me much in terms of ease of administration. I'll have to think about this some more. Thanks, Aaron
  5. So that thread seems to indicate Wordpress Mu can be run on a shared server as long as I'm not using subdomains and I don't exceed my allotted bandwidth. Is that correct?
  6. I'm considering starting a project for my church in which we set up blogs for each team or group in the church in order to keep the members informed. Something like Wordpress Mu seems perfect for this in that I can administrate all the blogs from a single installation and take the issue of security out of the hands of the users and let them concentrate solely on content. I'm assuming I would need to get a reseller account to do something like this, or do I need to go to a completely dedicated server? I don't anticipate traffic to be very high at all (at least, not at first), so that's not really a consideration. Is anyone running Wordpress Mu on a TCH server? What things do I need to consider to get this up and running? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Aaron
  7. What about challenge-response systems like Spam Arrest? These are guaranteed to eliminate 100% of spam by creating and automatically maintaining email whitelists.
  8. Thanks Rob. I'm totally new to this so I've obviously got a lot of questions. It looks like I should spend some time at the osCommerce sire reading the documentation and the forums. I know everyone here says this, but this place is terrific and the service is top-notch!
  9. Hi, I'm planning on starting an online business within the year, and I have a few questions about how to get started. First, I already have my personal site hosted by TCH and I've been completely satisfied with the service, so I'm planning on having TCH host my business domain as well. Do I need to sign up for a business type plan, or can I use a plan like the Silver Plan that my other site currently uses? What do other business owners here use? Any recommendations? Second, I'm planning on using osCommerce for my store. I understand I need a merchant account to accept credit card transactions. Are there only certain banks that I can use with osCommerce? Is there a useful FAQ on setting up a merchant account, preferably related to osCommerce? Finally, I need an SSL certificate. How do I go about obtaining one? Are there any FAQs on this that are particularly helpful? This is a completely new experience for me. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot, Aaron
  10. Bill, I know I said I wasn't going to comment on this subject again, but... I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this decision. While I thought there was some justification for the confusion regarding the contest, I never thought that TCH did anything underhanded or duplicitous, and I certainly don't think an additional prize was necessary to demonstrate what a great company TCH is. The decision to award a second-place prize is a prime example of how TCH is head and shoulders above any other hosting company I've ever used and goes above and beyond to satisfy their customers. I hope you know we appreciate it! Thumbs Up
  11. Bill, As I stated in the previous thread, I understand your frustration; however, calling your paying customers "sore losers" and "whiners" is really unprofessional, IMHO. TCH would not exist without these people. I was one of the ones that questioned the way the contest went, not because I had any illusions about winning - my responses were not nearly clever enough - but because the contest ended up being something far different than what the rules stipulated. You're certainly free do choose whatever criteria you want to give away the prize - it's your money after all - but I feel your reaction to the questioning of the winning entry was out of line. You certainly should have expected some of this type of reaction as you say it has happened with every contest in the past. The way you responded by closing and deleting the previous thread was tantamount to taking your ball and going home. That's all I'm going to say on this subject. As I said earlier, congratulations to the winner.
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