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  1. Rebuilding Laptop Battery

    I honestly have never tried to rebuild a laptop battery pack. Good luck with it.
  2. Rick Is Promoted

  3. Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Community?

    I find the same issues in finding a good community site to visit. I never can find who that isn't full of kids either. Of course I don't have this issue with TCH cuz these guys rock!
  4. Invisionboard Skin Upload

    I have the same problem with my IPB v1.2. I contacted IPB about it and they won't do a thing to fix it.
  5. What If.....

    I have to say... Rock Sign & I would probably mess with them a bit
  6. The Ultimate Php Form Mail Script

    I'm having problems getting it to work as well. I keep getting this error message. "The form was not submitted for the following reasons: I NEED VALID RECIPIENT EMAIL ADDRESS () TO CONTINUE. Please use your browser's back button to return to the form and try again." Anybody know what i'm doing wrong? it is located Here
  7. Virus Alert!

    Heh. I have no clue. I just copied the e-mail I recieved
  8. Virus Alert!

    I posted it for all those windows users out there
  9. Virus Alert!

    Computer Virus Hits Internet A Windows vulnerability surfaced today that caused widespread computer outages and took many internet customers offline. The virus called "Microsoft Windows DCOM RPC Interface Buffer Overrun Vulnerability" affects only Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP systems. Mediacom recommends all customers run the "Window Update" program usually found in all copies of Windows operating systems. Current security updates will prevent the vulnerability from being exploited and prevent subscribers from potentially losing network connectivity due to this issue. As a temporary measure Mediacom will be blocking certain internet ports in an attempt to limit the spread of this problem. We will unblock these ports again in a few days. Additional information can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/security/security...ns/ms03-026.asp Get protected before it is to late. My ISP E-mailed me about this one. Thumbs Up
  10. Apple Vs. Windows

    I thought this was rather interesting about apple. They got a 4GHZ system out with 8GB of ram! Amazing... however i don't need a computer that fast. heh. http://www.apple.com/powermac
  11. Super Computer!

    lol pretty funny i think
  12. Laptop Connectivityissue

    heh. magic? It simply isn't possible. You have to have one of the 2 types of connections. Either a line connection or a wireless connect.
  13. What Is A Help Desk Ticket?

    A helpdesk ticket is almost like an e-mail but you use a online program to submit and view them. It is free with your tch account and using the helpdesk ticket system you get help fast when you need it. It's a great little system. Here is the url for the helpdesk ticket system. Click Here Click on submit a ticket for any hosting support questions or problems you may have. Rock Sign
  14. Ipb Forum Upload

    Hmm still isn't working. maybe i will have to contact ipb about it
  15. Ipb Forum Upload

    Ok i got the permissions set well they have been, I have the option checked that says allow file upload. I will check into hte rest. Thanks