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  1. Thanks. Yes, the other systems are not under our control, and each is different in their processes. Our web site is essentially acting as a middle man. The users that access our web site may be assigned access to 2,3, or up to 6 different web sites. So rather them having to remember the userid and password for each of these other web sites, they only have to rember one (ours!) and go to our web site first. They neither see nor know the userid/password that has been assigned to them on these other web sites. For other users (other than ours) that go directly to these end web sites, they will get prompted when its time to change their password. Since we logon for them automatically, they never should see the prompt to change their password. A lot to think about ... just trying to gather some different options!
  2. Currently, I have a business web site (abc.com) that has a secured section that requires each user to logon with a specific userid and password. We have several hundred users. The secured page that displays contains links to other web sites of companies we do business with, and each of those web sites have their own set of userid/password. We've created a PERL script that we associate to each of the links. This PERL script will look up the userid and password used to logon to our site, and determine the appropriate userid and password for the next site to pass along in the redirect link. Now here's the problem ... these other web sites are requiring that the password used to access THEIR site be changed every 30-60 days. Since we have hundreds of users that logon to our site, we need to come up with a way of somewhat automating this process. Any ideas?
  3. There is some info on publishing with Dreamweaver from the TCH Help web site. Click here. Let us know if this help you.
  4. All of the available new avatar pics can now be seen on the TCH Help Web Site's Meet the Gurus page. -kw
  5. Instructions are now posted on the TCH Help web site here! -kw
  6. Instructions are now posted on the TCH Help web site here! -kw
  7. CPanel is tied to each domain / web site. If you have a basic reseller plan, you should be creating / setting up individual web space for each of your customers or users. That way they do have their own CPanel access. Since by definition, sub domains exist within a single domain/web site - you have just one CPanel. Subdomains are to a web site that folders are to a disk drive. You can't run disk defrag on a single folder on your PC. Similarly you don't have separate cpanels for a subdomain. HTH! kw
  8. except that it only includes updates through Oct 2003, and you have to wait 2-4 weeks. IMO, if you wait that long to patch your Windows workstation(s) - you are foolish and asking for whatever might happen. I personally update a test system as soon as a patch is released, then monitor the Microsoft newsgroups for 24-48 hours, and if there are no major problems, I will then start pushing out the patch to my customers. Finally, if you have more than one systems at a location or at your home, take a look into Shavlik's HfNetChkPro - they have a free version that works with up to 10 workstations and a server.
  9. Just my opinion ... Re: the fact that various validators do not like the ALT-0169 method for entering the Copyright symbol --- all I can say is that if you pass Microsoft's home page thru many of those validators, it doesn't pass either. For me, getting the web site up and running as quickly as I can is way more desirable than trying to make my web site acceptable to the various robot validator programs out there. -kw
  10. ASP is a programming environment specific for Windows servers, not Linux servers.
  11. Alan - IMO, disabling the right click is NOT a way to protect images. I'm not saying don't use it, just that it should not be touted as a way of protecting images or files. I consider it more like a "speed bump" on a road. It will certainly slow down most people. But if someone wants to steal the image, they can get around the 'no right click' functionality in about 3 seconds. To protect such works, all the major photo editing (Photoshop, Photoimpact, etc.) software now provide a way to encode a hidden digital signature on a picture. And this digital sig cannot be removed, even if the photo is cropped or otherwise edited. Just my .02 cents... -kw
  12. OK, I won't answer it! I will update the CSB Support site to reflect this information in the future! -kw
  13. I've updated the TCH Help Web site to indicate that version 2.5 is now available. Click here to see -kw
  14. I've added 'Any Password' to the Freebies Page at the TCH Help Web site! -kw
  15. Tracy did what everyone should do ... go to the TCH Help Web site to find the answer. In this case, click on the Billing Page link any you're there! :-) kw
  16. Steve, not sure what you mean by 'not being able to scroll down' - do you mean you can't see the list of servers? what browser are you using? and screen resolution? Also, I realized that I have not updated the remote login page for all recent servers. I'm at a business conference in Orlando, but if I can fix it today, I will. -kw
  17. Thomas is correct! Passwords are changed in cPanel. If a passowrd is changed, amke sure the user then remembers to make the appropriate change on their PC mail client (?Outlook, Outlook Express, etc,) Here are the instructions straight from cPanel:
  18. Never mind ... I finally figured it out ... but it wasn't intuitive! ;-) kw
  19. I've tried adding the generated code from the site to my sig line, but I keep getting an error message that it doesn't like the format of the code.
  20. there are many add-ons for squirrel-mail posted at their site -- http://www.squirrelmail.org/ have you checked there?
  21. but as was point out earlier, WEFT is only useful if working with Microsoft products, and only works with IE browser.
  22. Printing web pages is dependent on your browser, not on Front Page - yes?
  23. To: Virtual Imager --- did you live near or in Columbia? I was born in Belleville, but was raised in Columbia. That's where my parents and grandparents all lived. -kw
  24. Here in Florida, we celebrated New Year's Eve out on the patio with a bar-b-que. Today (Sunday) it was 84, and guess what? our A/C unit went on the blink!! Even it knows that January is not the time of yeart to be running the A/C! :-) kw
  25. Silica, what kind of Internet connection are you using. Most DSL/Cable connections will advertize fast download speeds, but upload speeds will vary. For example, at home my DSL is 768k download, but only 128k upload. -kw
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