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  1. No I won't open it. Don't worry. Thank you all for your help. I Love TCH forums and it's members.
  2. I checked and can only say that it's not from my IP address. It shows an IP of an ISP(local ISP). Maybe a client of that ISP is infected.
  3. Not sure I completely understand the question...but. You can be "infected" by those files, yes. Each can contain a virus or worm or a executable program and there are lots of them currently out there. Can a "hacker" "attack" your PC, maybe...but this is a complicated process. A hacker could send you a specially built that could attack you...my question would be why would someone want to do this. Do you have an enemy with a reason to want to cause you problems? If not you are safe. A .pif is a windows executable file, it normall is a "shortcut" pointing to another executable file and co
  4. The emails sent have "subjects" like: Mail Delivery (failure myemailID@yahoo.com) Postcard [none] Illegal Websites Approved Bill Your document News These are just 7 emails(there are several more), all having attachments. I do not send such emails to people! Yet they complain! Ok, my next question is, can a virus or a hacker attack your PC if you open .doc or .zip or .pif files? I feel .doc is harmless and .zip can't do anything unless I unzip it and run .bat or .exe file from it. I don't know anything about .pif Any expert opinions are welcome.
  5. Can I trust TCH team and shift my main email account to TCH from Yahoo? Do they apply regular updates and patches? Can TCH servers fight hackers?
  6. Wives and hackers make me yell! Sorry, won't yell again. My Yahoomail account got hacked. It has nothing to do with my PC. I access my account only when I go online(via browser, opera). I do not use SMTP or POP3 services. Also, my norton AV 2005 is set to automatic live update. If it's a virus then it must be on the yahoo servers, right? Even I receive files with attachments from unknown people(maybe a virus or a hacker). I delete such files with one click. But when someone(a virus) sends files to others with my email ID as sender, then it hurts my trust and reputation. If it's
  7. Password stealing is a sub-domain of hacking. A hacker can access any account even without a password, thanks to vulnerabilities(which remain open for a small period, enough for him to cause havoc). Few years back, there was a loophole in hotmail system, by which one could open inbox of any person WITHOUT a password, just by typing a specific URL associated with that account. All he needed was that URL and nothing else to login. Hotmail patched their system soon. Read this, if you are a Gmail fan: http://www.networkpunk.com/?q=node/view/222
  8. Yes, the 'so called hacker' sends ATTACHMENTS to people in my contacts list. No not just contacts list, but to people, who send me email(the people whose email remains in my inbox). And for that, I think the person should physically login to my account and then send attachments to email IDs in my inbox. A virus can send email to ALL people in address book. But a virus cannot send email to only a few contacts from address book, and to email IDs from my inbox. I hope the point is clear to you. SOMEONE IS LOGGING IN AND MESSING WITH MY ACCOUNT AND I DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS. Spam isn't a problem(
  9. I have already emailed yahoo. Lets see what they say. What else do you recommend Bruce? Which email service or simply TCH email which comes with my normal website hosted at TCH?
  10. Should I be using YahooEmail or TCH-email for commercial purpose, if SECURITY is the ONLY concern? Which one is better? Which one do you recommend? I would like a reply from TCH security expert. I hate sleepless nights, mind you.
  11. The program which you are saying is called keylogger. But I do not have any of those on my PC. I have Wintasks software always running on my PC. Also, I have Trojanhunter and norton antivirus 2005, zonealarm firewall, spybot/adaware always running on my PC. So its not anything from my PC. It's something else. Maybe a server loophole or maybe the hacker is too intelligent. Now what is it is what I want to know.
  12. I got my yahoo email account hacked a few days back. Don't know how! I never open any attachments or click any URLs sent to my emailbox, or even sign in at some unknown site! The hacker seems to have a master password to my account. I changed my password 6/7 times(within a week), yet the hacker sends emails to my 'address book contacts' in yahoomail. What may be wrong, can anyone tell? And are TotalChoiceHosting Servers safe from hackers? As compared with Yahoomail and hotmail severs? Share your thoughts. I deal with $$ and do not want people snooping in my email accounts.
  13. Thanks you all for the info. I am relieved!
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