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  1. Reset Cgi Counter?

    Thanks, guys. Obviously I'm scrollbar-challenged today. I'd even gone to that help page, but didn't notice the bit at the bottom. Head Bash
  2. How do I change the number in a CGI counter? I found it once, but now I can't remember. I HATE it when that happens... Thanks!
  3. The Wedge

    Did I mention it was kinda' small?
  4. The Wedge

    Here's the picture (I hope???):
  5. This is the forepeak of my sailboat, which serves as my bedroom, study, and exercise studio (the ping-pong table and flatbed scanner are stowed). That case is fitted out with extra fans in the sides to keep it cool. Note the lashings to keep it in place - the VCR and printer are velcro'd in. I cleaned it up some. I thought it was pretty messy until I saw some of the others here, but I feel much better now. Good luck, everyone!