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  1. I just saw that info in the link you sent, so my bad for missing that. Have there been any changes in our ability to modify settings for php.ini via .htacess? Scripts that ran perfectly before (after my own modifications) are now timing out big time and I have to keep refreshing the page over and over and over again until they complete.
  2. It's a pretty common check for the gd version found in image upload scripts: function checkgd(){ $gd2=""; ob_start(); phpinfo(8); $phpinfo=ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); $phpinfo=strip_tags($phpinfo); $phpinfo=stristr($phpinfo,"gd version"); $phpinfo=stristr($phpinfo,"version"); preg_match('/\d/',$phpinfo,$gd); if ($gd[0]=='2'){$gd2="yes";} return $gd2; } Thanks for the alternate means, but, honestly, it was no problem for me to find a solution once I knew phpinfo() had been disabled. The problem is that I spent 12 hours trying to find the source of the problem because no one informed me that the function was no longer available. This has happened more than once that I've had to spend entire days tracking down a problem that could have been prevented had a change been widely announced. Can we please have some sort of announcement system for minor changes? I'm subscribed to everything I know of but critical information is being missed and I simply can't afford any more days like this. I'm pooped!
  3. I just spent an entire 12 hour work day trying to figure out what was breaking my photo uploads only to find that phpinfo() was disabled and the script was calling on it to determine the gd status. As a heads up to others, if you're experiencing problems check your upload or other scripts that might be calling on this function. As a note to TCH, please, please, please start notifying us of these changes (no matter how small they may seem). It may seem that the only consequence of disabling phpinfo() is not being able to pull up the info page but for those of us using extensive scripting, changes such as this can wreak havoc on our sites causing us to try to track down a problem that we should have been informed of in the first place. A new forum or extensive thread announcing changes (the seemingly "little ones") seems like a great idea, giving us a reference to check changes so we can save time trying to figure out for ourselves why things aren't working. Thanks for the ears.
  4. Wow. Fast reply. Thanks. And good point on the spam. Don't think she'd want to do that from her wedding email account, but I'll be sure to give a gentle reminder to her of that no-no.
  5. I normally only offer clients email accounts when they purchase their own domain name (I design web sites). A client, however, chose to have a subdomain on one of my business' domains and chose to have an email account with the site. My question is whether there is a security risk in letting someone else use an email account on a domain that I use for my business. Of course, her username and password would be different and there's no reason to think she would try anything fishy but (and maybe this is a stupid question) is there anything she can do wrong with her account that would affect my own? Thanks for the input and not making me feel stupid for what are often borderline if not outright silly questions.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to look that up. Couldn't find it.
  7. Hi, I had a client's domain name registered with you and it's expired but in the redemption period. (In other words, I don't have any access to it any more via the control panel or otherwise). Can I get it restored and what would be the cost on that? Thanks! You guys are always so helpful.
  8. I'm getting the following error with some forms: FrontPage Error. User: Please report details to this site's webmaster. Webmaster: Please see the server's log for more details. The weird thing is that when I test the forms, they are fine. When a few other people try them they bring up that error. Thus far I haven't been able to find the event log which I assume would be useful. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
  9. I noticed the workarounds for forwarding to AOL. Is there one to use for Hotmail?
  10. I just finished setting up my first redirect to a Hotmail account and came across this thread. What if the email is encrypted on the site with an anti-robot option (javascript or decimal encoding)? Would that solve the problem of possible spam and make it ok to do the redirect? Thanks for the input.
  11. Would that be to block just the known IP abusers or can it do anything across the board? It's so hard to know for sure who's abusing and who's not.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to enable hotlink protection while still allowing access to submit forms on my site. Currently, when activated, anyone trying to submit my forms gets the following error: You don't have permission to access /_vti_bin/shtml.exe/get_started_custom_website.htm on this server. Thanks for any help. My site has been seriuosly abused by hotlinkers but I can't enable it if my customers can't order.
  13. After playing around with the mail accounts for a while I discovered that I am able to send and receive from all email addresses (info@celebrateourlives.com; webmaster@celebrateourlives.com, etc) except for myname@celebrateourlives.com. And that address works to send mail but not to receive it. I just get the server timed out error - 0X800ccc19. I am also able to create new accounts that work just fine - same settings for all. I even created a pluralized version of my name's address and that worked, too. Is it possible there might be a corruption somewhere for that one address and if so how can it be fixed? I tried deleting the account and recreating it and that didn't do anything. Right now I have the mail redirecting to another address and that's working, but it would be nice to have my main address working. Thanks so much!
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