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  1. Ok, before I begin, if anyone knows an easier solution please correct me. I have found the easiest way is to add a link called 'Home' next to the 'Sign the Guestbook' link, as editting the menu seems very comlpicated. To do this simply edit the file called 'body.php' found here http://www.mitzi-bear.com/guestbook/templates/body.php You can do this through control panel. Simply change the line to and your guestbook will have a home link like this http://www.saint52.com/test/ Hope that made sense?
  2. Which guestbook are you using? Do you have a URL for your site so I can have a look at your guestbook? I use a guestbook which comes with a dropdown menu included in it's original script. Thumbs Up
  3. http://www.saint52.com/other/e2go/ I've created a couple more logo's for you to have a look at, there in the old template but I've done that because it's easy to work with. The animated butterfly is not part of the logo it is over so it can be overlayed on any logo if you like it? Once we've got a logo and a colour scheme I'll create some alternative templates for you to look at. Sorry that it seems to be taking some time between replies but I've got a lot on at the moment and my grandmother has been unwell. Thumbs Up
  4. Thank you, I'll will improve and update the tutorial soon, it's still only a first draft. I would like to give it a lot more time as soon as I have some free. Thumbs Up
  5. I've noticed a lot of posts recently pointing out that Frontpage produces a lot of invalid HTML and IE specific material, and I don't disagree. This however does not detract from the fact that there are a lot of people out there who still use FrontPage, myself included. I use FrontPage to create web pages that are W3 compliant and also meet web accessibility guidlines found at Bobby's site for example. So I figured I would write a brief tutorial detailing for novice FrontPage users how to modify what FrontPage makes to make it more acceptable. Hope it help someone out there. The tutorial wouldn't fit here so I've moved it to an external page. Hope that's OK. [Link removed as it no longer works]
  6. Thanks for sticking with us Tara. The Graphic idea is a good one. You give me a scrap book of ideas and I'll try to turn it into a page. The page I put up is to give you ideas and a ray of hope. It seems to have worked aswell. I await your input before proceeding further. Good point, that's me forgetting not everyone is viewing this site at high resolutions like me.Will amend accordingly once Tara has presented some ideas. Alas, I cannot take credit for my fathers work. The site is my work the poetry is his and he is the Saint [supposedly]. But I'll show him your poem, thanks for the kind words. I hope this is a typo? It's definitly not as cool as Digirunt. LOL Thumbs Up
  7. OK, here is one suggestion, let me know what you like and don't like about it. If anyone else would like to give some feedback it would be appreciated. First offering for efasion2go Thumbs Up
  8. I never run my browser maximised as I like to watch whats going on with my file sharing app in the background. But my screen res is at 1280X1024 all the time so it's still pretty big on the screen.
  9. I used http://www.urllog.com/ a totally free click thru link tracker that records refferals etc. very easy.
  10. Hello Tara, I'm sorry my replies are so slow at the moment but I'm setting up a business and things are getting hectic to say the least. However I always have time to help those in need where I can so I'll try. Ok that's a start, I'll throw together some graphics you can look at and then tell me what you want based on what I've come up with. I always find doing the graphics first get my creative juices flowing and the rest just follows. You don't need to give up any creativity because I'll work with you each step and let you add input as to design. I've help out 'Mwtars' and 'Fivetofollow' so far and they'll confirm that I am trustworthy so if I need any passwords to access your web space later they should make good references. Right give me a few days to come up with some ideas and please don't cancel here, you'r definitely at the best host on the web and i'm sure between us we'll get there. Thanks Nat Thumbs Up P.S. I do not want anything in return for helping you, I'm just happy to be able to help.
  11. Borfast is a great addition and I agree with all the praise but does this mean we've all got switch to Linux? LOL
  12. Thanks guys makes good sense as I thought it would. and yes there are pics and I'll post them soon, we took my cousins camera so he has them at the mo but when he's optimised them I'll get him to email me them. Thumbs Up
  13. Very clear explanation, thank you.
  14. I've just returned to the TCH forums after a couple of weeks absence and have noticed that the whole TCH team has Web Hosting by Total Choice Web Hosting at the end of their signatures with a dash and a short phrase after it. I know how links from other sites are important and how they are worded is too with the before and after words being as important in describing the link but do links to your own site from your own site bear as much relavancy? I'm sure with dsdemmin's expertise on the team their is a very good reason for this and if an explanation goes beyond what you can say here I understand, hey we've all got to make a living. Just a thought. Thumbs Up
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