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  1. The only way to make your web site completely browser friendly is to use the lowest common denominator of features. In this case, your problem seems to be related to the fact that your web site was created using frames. It appears (by going to their support site) that Mozilla/Firebird browsers can be tweaked to enable/disable frames. I would suggest going to the Mozilla support forum, post your question and URL and see what they recommend. For example, here is one post I found: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.ph...ighlight=frames -kw
  2. Hey, Dick -- you've just made it to the Meet the Gurus! page on the TCH Help Web Site. Welcome aboard! -kw
  3. I went ahead and added Lianna's instruction along with the case sensitivity warning to the TCH Help Web site. Check it out! -kw
  4. Thomas, on the TCH Help Web Site we provide several images and banners for you to use to download and place on your web site: Click here and then scroill down to the section labeled TCH Logos and Banners. -kw
  5. these questions about hiding one's email address comes up enough, that I have posted the information in this message thread, along with some examples, to the TCH Help Web site. Click here to view! -kw
  6. Warning to all -- I would strongly suggest, for personal experience, that you do not put much faith in such lists of "spyware" programs posted, or at least proceed cautiously. First, it is sorely out of date (June 11, 2001 was the last time it was updated). Secondly, not all software listed there are (or were) spyware. Case in point, CuteFTP is listed - but CuteFTP was NEVER spyware. Version 3.0 of that software did use some code from Auriate for advertising purposes only, but to Globalscape's credit, CuteFTP did provide an opt-out for that when installing that version of the software. However, that version is 4 years removed. CuteFTP is up to version 6.0, and contains no spyware. Yet, if you were to believe that list, you'd think otherwise. Bottom line, as always -- verify and reverify any information on your own -- including what I'm telling you! Check with the software provider involved and see if the claims are true. -kw
  7. I've updated the TCH Help Web Site to reflect the fact that the beta Version 2.0 of the Ultimate Form Mailer is now available! -kw
  8. Samantha, Thomas -- I guess whoever is responsible for this CSB forum needs to identify its purpose. I would have thought the purpose of the CSB portion of the TCH Forums was intended merely as a place to generate interest in CuteSITE Builder amongs TCH users, with the hopes that TCH was going to offer CSB at a reduced price to its user. However, if I'm wrong, and it is also intended to be an alternative support site, I cna accept that. -kw
  9. Shoot, I recognized that that was Bill immediately! Nice dental work! :-) kw
  10. Thomas, The TCH discussion forums are not intended for CuteSITE Builder support. How come you didn't post over at the Globalscape/CSB discussion forum? By the way, I use the All Web Menu software for my web site at CSBSupport web site -kw
  11. KevinW


    Thanks, Sam! :-) kw
  12. We've updated the links for the list of servers in the 'Server Analysis' section of the TCH Help Web Site home page to reflect using hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_) in the page names. -kw
  13. the link to the page that turtle provided is also available from the TCH Help Web Site - enter 'logos' in the search box, or go directly to this link: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/tchinfopage.htm -kw
  14. Most of the current versions of photo imaging programs (Photoshop, PhotoImpact, etc.) provide the ability to record a digital "signature" on your image. Even if the image is downloaded, cropped, or otherwise edited, the digital signature remains - allowing you to prove that it's your work. -kw
  15. you got to be so-o-o careful -- I almost was tricked the first time I received this hoax email about 6 months ago. My tipoff was that the URL link was NOT going to a secure (https://) address. -kw
  16. I've added Mitch's excellend write up on the why's and how's of using Spam assassin to the TCH Help web site. Click here to view it -kw
  17. I 've used Blogger for years without problem. As to FTP issues, I did not find anything at Blogger's web site about SFTP (Secured FTP), but here is a link to their standard FAQ page that talks about how to upload: http://www.blogspot.com/howtoupload.pyra -kw
  18. FWIW, I have added this code example to my CSB Support web site: http://www.csbsupport.com/samplecode/id390.htm -kw
  19. My .02 worth -- 1. If you go with 4 Silver plans, there's no guarantee that all 4 plans would be placed on the same physical server. Also understand that you would have four separate web server spoace, you could not combine them into one site. 2. If you have a single web site that needs the sizing offered by the Platinum package, you undoubtedly are needing the larger bandwidth requirements offered by the Platinum package. Given 1 & 2, going with the Platinum package means you are putting more demand on the server plan, and as well, there will be less room to put other users on that particular server. I use that as an justification, because some other web providers will cram as many users on a single server as possible - without regard to how it may impact existing users. TCH, on the other hand, has actually stopped taking orders for a 24 hour period once or twice until they had a new server online - because they did not want to simply cram more users on an existing server. Again, just my take -- not an official response! -kw
  20. Thanks, Sam, for the post. As an addendum -- the BLaunch utility is not just for CuteSITE Builder users -- it can be used for virtually ANY application where you may make changes to a file, and need to be able to maintain a historical record of such changes. For example - let's say you use an Excel spreadsheet to track daily sales figures. You could use BLaunch to create a shortcut on your desk that would automatically make a backup copy of your .xls file for you, and then automatically open the current version in Excel for you. -kw
  21. Linda, I'm sorry, but the page with the guestbook tutorial had to be removed as it was outdated. As soon as we can replace it with a better one, we'll put up a new link. Until thin, I've disabled the broken link you found. Thanks for letting us know! -kw
  22. Digirunt - I've taken the liberty to include a link to your FP Tutorial page on the TCH's Help Web site's -- click here to see -kw
  23. I would suggest that you post CuteSITE Builder specific questions at the CuteSITE Builder Discussion Board. Also, check out the online CSB Knowledge Base And be sure to check out my CSB support site at www.csbsupport.com -kw
  24. Thomas, take a look here for some Netscape instructions: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/netscape.htm -kw
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